Heart Chocolates

Hiya!  Do you remember my last post about the way to make lots of heart shaped miniatures? In today’s tutorial,  I am using the same technique to make some heart shaped chocolates for Valentine’s.

This time, I used a 5mm diameter straw, which I think is a pretty standard size, to make the heart shape cutter.  If you missed the last tutorial, here is the link on how to make a heart shape cookie cutter out of a straw. –> “DIY miniature heart shape cookie cutter”

I rolled out some chocolate color clay.

And cut out heart shapes.  (It’s easier if your clay isn’t too think.  If you have a hard time getting your hearts cut out, try making your clay thinner.)

They look ready to go in my mouth.

After hardening the clay, I decided to decorate some of my chocolate hearts.

I used these different types of glue to make caramel, red glaze, and white chocolate.

Now I’ll explain how I made the paper cups to fit the individual chocolates in.

I used a piece of tissue paper for gift wrapping.

I pressed down a straw to leave circles on the paper.

And cut the circles out with scissors.  If you have a good size hole puncher, this process would be a lot easier, I think.

Place a circle tissue paper on a silicone, or anywhere soft.  You can even do it on your bed. lol

And press down in the middle with something like the back of a paint brush or a pencil.


They don’t look so bad, do they?

I used some glue to glue on my chocolate hearts onto the paper cups.

Once I fit them all in a box, it’s a nice Valentine’s day gift!  I will show you how to make a heart shaped box with a lid in the next post.

I like eating these chocolates in a big heart box all by myself while being lazy on my bed….mmm

Valentine’s Cookies – DIY miniature heart shape cookie cutter

Hi, there! I’m going to be posting several Valentine’s craft tutorials over the next few weeks.

Today’s craft is how to make heart shaped, Valentine’s cookies.  No, we don’t need silicone for mold making, I have a really easy way for you to make your miniature hearts!


The magic item we use is a straw.  This one is a kind that we use for smoothies (about 8mm in diameter.)  It’s a bit bigger than standard straws, which are around 6mm in diameter.

I just cut this straw at about 4cm in length.

And pressed it firmly down in half with my fingers.

This is the neat part – I pushed the one folded end backwards toward the inside of the straw, and now I have a heart shaped straw!

To ensure that the heart shape stays, I tightly wrapped some tape around the straw.  (Make sure to avoid both ends of the straw though.)  Hooray, now we have a miniature heart cookie cutter!

It’s time to make some cookies.  I rolled out the cookie color clay.

And using the straw cookie cutter, I cut out the heart shapes.  It’s also helpful if you use  a silicone mat or something a bit soft and flat under the rolled out clay.  It helps the hearts to come out easily.

To create a bit of bumpy surface of cookies, I usually use a mascara brush.

But you could also use a rough sand paper to leave indentations to create a similar effect.

Once the clay is hardened, it’s time to decorate them!

I like taping down my cookies on a board using a double sided tape before I start decorating them.

To make the frosting, I used a small amount of modeling paste and matte clear glue sealer mix along with some acrylic paint.  I just think that while modeling paste gives the body to the frosting, it’s a bit harder to spread on, so adding watery glue sealer to the mixture makes the frosting more runny and easier to work with.

These are the colors I made for my frosting.


I put my cookies on a paper plate, and wrapped them so that my Sylvanian can take them to her neighbors.  (Paper Plate Tutorial is here –> “Paper Plates”)

“I hope they like my cookies!”




Fun in snow!

Welcome back, everyone!  How has your new year been so far?  Mine has been pretty good.  Surprisingly, we’ve been having very Springy weather the last week or so, and it’s reminding me how much I’ve missed that beautiful season!

Anyway, have you noticed all the changes made on this site?  My husband helped me remodel this entire site over the break.  The cute navigation buttons are also his designs!   I just kept telling him, ” I want this, I want that, I don’t like this….etc etc.”  Thank you so much for always being so tolerant with me, babe!!

Moving on to the main topic of today’s post, my son and I had a fun time making an instant snowy scene using, “Floof.”  I found this brand at a gift shop in the local aquarium of all places. lol


It’s soft and kind of reminded me of cotton candy.  This is a type of never drying play dough, and I thought it would be great for imitating snow for my Sylvanians.


Although I used “Floof” as my pick, there are many other brands of kinetic sand type things in various colors these days, so I hope you experiment and find your favorite.  Good thing about these as opposed to using regular snow or sand is that they are mess free and can be used indoors without worry.  Also they are pretty easy to make shapes with, so kids will have lots of fun.

I patted down my dough, and made a instant snowy scene for my son to play with.

Here comes a snow boarder!

He can easily leave his foot prints on the snow, too.  It’s not that easy with fake snow powder made for dioramas etc.

Snow angels!  By the way, “Floof” in particular, will stick to your critters just a bit sometimes, but you can get it off very easily with some tape, so no problem there!  Also I’ve noticed that once you open the package and let the product dry out a few hours, it gets much less sticky to your fingers and easier to work with.

O, oh! He is making a snowball station!

Snowball fight!!

As I said earlier, it holds the shape pretty well, so you could make a snow castle, if you wanted to.

I think I’ll have a fun time playing with this again next winter!