Tutorial: Making a clay flowerbed – Part 1 – Shaping

Once you have a little yard in front of your house, you’ll probably want to plant some plants and flowers in it.  The color of the flowers really pop and bring your little diorama to life.

There are many ways to make flowerbeds, but this is the first one I made when I started to build my town.  It’s very easy and doesn’t take much of material nor time.

Photo Jan 12, 10 23 29 PM

This particular flowerbed is in circle shape, which seems to be in popular demand since I often get asked how I made it.

So, here are what you need for the shaping.

Photo Jan 11, 9 18 22 PM

I used the lid from an old tub of ice-cream.  You only need a small amount of air drying clay.

1.   Roll out the clay like a rope.

Photo Jan 11, 9 19 10 PM

2.  Wrap the clay around the lid, flatten, and smooth out the top and the side.  To flatten the sides, stand the flowerbed on the side. and roll it back and forth.  Then fold the extra clay on the top and bottom in, and press down the bottom, flip the flowerbed upside down, and press down the top.

Photo Jan 11, 9 21 35 PM Photo Jan 11, 9 25 07 PM

3.  With a clay knife or anything blade shaped, cut the clay into the shape of stacked bricks.  It’s best to make the size of your bricks rather small, the bigger they are, more chances there are that your flowerbed will look like it belongs in a dungeon.

Photo Jan 11, 9 31 32 PM (1)

4.  Flatten each brick so they look more realistic.

Photo Jan 11, 9 35 02 PM

Once the clay is dry, your flowerbed is ready to go, or you can paint it so it looks more realistic.

Photo Jan 12, 9 55 35 PM

I like painting mine to give it more of an aged look just because that’s kind of the style I’m going with my town.  But if you love the plastic toy look that Sylvanian Families originally comes with, painting isn’t as important.  I will explain how I painted my flowerbed in the next post.

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