Making a tea room – a major remodel

Hi, hi! I’m still here. I went on a vacation to Las Vegas and it was super awesome! It had taken me a while to get out of the vacation mode, but I’m fully rejuvenated and ready to craft!

Today, I’m going to show a bit of the new project I’ve been ever so slowly working on….a tea room.

Photo Jun 27, 3 06 13 PM

This building is the second floor of an applewood department store, which I got off of Ebay.

Photo Jun 11, 4 50 19 PM

I actually had to buy it used from a seller in the UK, but I’m very happy with it…except the original colors of the whole building.  It’s not quite what I like and the yellowish walls are not matching with anything I want to make.  So this was one of the rare occasions that I decided to repaint the whole thing.  Now I don’t recommend repainting the building unless you are sure you are not going to regret doing it later.  Mine was a used building so that helped in my decision a bit.  For the painting, I used spray paint for the even coloring.  I had to do about 3 coats. The secret is probably to not over spray each coat, or you will end up with tons of dripping paints on your walls.

Photo Jun 16, 5 04 15 PM

Once paint is completely dry, you can sand down imperfections.

Photo Jun 16, 5 10 15 PM

For the inside of the store, I used scrap booking paper (card stock) for the wallpaper.

Photo Jun 18, 7 47 56 PM

When you put custom made wallpaper up inside, usually around the window don’t look very so pretty. So I cut out some dowels out and made window frames that go over the bare windows.

Photo Jun 18, 7 56 47 PM Photo Jun 21, 3 51 54 PM Photo Jun 21, 4 16 31 PM

Now I really wanted to try making a pattered floor with some wood for this tea room, so I used some balsa wood board I had at home.  Originally I tried using some Popsicle sticks, but they were too hard to cut in the right length when I thought about preparing a large number of wooden planks needed for the floors.

First, I sanded the big balsa board, then wiped it with damp cloth to clean the dust off.

Photo Jun 22, 3 05 34 PM Photo Jun 22, 3 08 19 PM

I stained three boards with 3 different shades.  Once you apply the stain, the wood will start to bend with moisture, so I recommend getting the back of the board a little wet with water before you start.

Photo Jun 22, 3 13 19 PM Photo Jun 22, 3 52 02 PM

After the boards are completely dry, Start cutting the wood into desired shape.

Photo Jun 22, 5 17 05 PM Photo Jun 22, 5 37 15 PM

Just like when cutting out a wallpaper, measure and cut out the shape of the floor with paper.

Photo Jun 22, 9 58 15 PM

glue your wood pieces onto the floor shaped paper you just cut out. Make sure edges are covered.

Photo Jun 22, 10 14 47 PM

Once all pieces are on the paper and glue dried, cut off the extra wood off.

Photo Jun 23, 4 56 50 PM

Put the floors down to make sure they fit.

Photo Jun 23, 5 10 50 PM

Now take the floor pieces out once again, and paint all over it with water deluded wood stain. Wipe the extra off quickly.  This will make the floor look a lot nicer.  This process will make the tone of the floor slightly darker, so it might be a good idea to stain the wood boards in lighter shades at the beginning.

Photo Jun 23, 5 21 46 PM Photo Jun 23, 5 28 50 PM

Finally, cover the ugly edges with dowels (or doll house molding)

Photo Jun 25, 11 27 23 AM

This shop is being made rather slowly, but I am having fun with it.

Photo Jun 27, 2 54 02 PM Photo Jun 27, 2 54 54 PM

Flower vase and my mold taking habit

Ha, I’m back again! Today’s craft is a flower vase. I made it a few months ago, but I think the ideas here can help someone who is thinking about making a proper miniature flower vase, or anything with clay and intricate designs.

Photo Mar 20, 3 02 22 PM

Before I start, let me tell you that I like collecting trinkets and small pretty things for “someday” usage for my crafts.  I usually take molds of these trinkets before I modify the trinkets themselves.  These detailed designs are not something I enjoy trying to make on my own, so these molds come in handy.

Photo Mar 19, 9 20 45 PM

You can of course make your molds with silicone putty, and I’m sure that way is a lot better than mine, but I can’t afford using silicone for everything. So I save up all my scrap polymer clay bits and use it to make molds.

When you use these molds, just lightly coat the mold with corn starch and avoid clay from sticking to the mold.

Now on to the flower vase…

With this particular flower vase, I wanted something simple, so I mixed half white and half translucent polymer clay.

Photo Mar 19, 9 33 37 PM

I made a shape of the vase by hand.  I didn’t make a hole inside at this point to avoid deforming.

Photo Mar 19, 9 46 59 PM

I used one of my poly clay molds and sliced off the top very thinly to get the decoration.

Photo Mar 19, 11 07 34 PM Photo Mar 19, 11 08 39 PM

Then I just slid the decoration off the blade onto the surface of the vase.  After baking the clay in the oven, I drilled the hole with a jewel crafting router.  I just attached the handle using superglue onto the vase, and my vase was done!

Photo Mar 19, 11 25 03 PM

Little crafts for the boy clothes section

Whoa, it’s been way too long since the the last post! Summer started early this year in my town, and lately I’ve been too busy having fun outside with my family.  No, I’m not quitting, I promise! 😉

I am just going to explain some small tricks I used in my clothing shop’s boy clothes section.

Photo Jun 10, 9 23 51 PM

1.  Seashell lamp

Photo Jun 10, 9 21 31 PM

This is probably my favorite. It’s really simple. You just have to stick a light inside a seashell.

Photo Jun 10, 9 20 55 PM Photo Jun 10, 9 21 19 PM

The light I used was in the wedding supply isle at a craft store. They are LED and very bright. They came in a bag of 15ish, I think. And I remember thinking that each light ended up being cheaper than a dollar.

2.  clothing rack

Photo Jun 10, 9 22 15 PM

I used two pieces of beads and a thicker wire, which I shaped like in the photo below.  Glued them together, and spray painted the whole thing white. I just stuck the rack on the wall of the store with a glue gun very reluctantly, so it’s not that pretty when you look at it close. :O

Photo May 30, 9 22 38 PM

3. The letters S U R F

Photo Jun 10, 9 22 37 PM

For these, I just cut out the 3D letter stickers from the store and painted them with acrylic paint.

Photo May 30, 3 46 14 PMPhoto May 30, 3 52 22 PM

4.  The shells in the net

Photo Jun 10, 9 23 32 PM

I used some wired ribbon (wires on both sides, like the kind you see on your Christmas gifts) and small seashells I collected last time I was at the beach.  I usually save ribbons on a present for stuff like this. It was just the right length for what I needed.

Photo May 30, 4 17 55 PM

I painted the ribbon with acrylic paint to make it look more like a net.

Photo May 30, 8 21 13 PM

Then I glued the ribbon on top of the walls with a glue gun.  Glue gun glue peels off very easily from plastic surface, while I glues on without coming off unless I force it.

I just put some seashells inside the net along with a tiny LED light.

Photo Jun 10, 9 24 19 PM

Just 4 little crafts, but they did a good job making the room design come together.  🙂