Flower vase and my mold taking habit

Ha, I’m back again! Today’s craft is a flower vase. I made it a few months ago, but I think the ideas here can help someone who is thinking about making a proper miniature flower vase, or anything with clay and intricate designs.

Photo Mar 20, 3 02 22 PM

Before I start, let me tell you that I like collecting trinkets and small pretty things for “someday” usage for my crafts.  I usually take molds of these trinkets before I modify the trinkets themselves.  These detailed designs are not something I enjoy trying to make on my own, so these molds come in handy.

Photo Mar 19, 9 20 45 PM

You can of course make your molds with silicone putty, and I’m sure that way is a lot better than mine, but I can’t afford using silicone for everything. So I save up all my scrap polymer clay bits and use it to make molds.

When you use these molds, just lightly coat the mold with corn starch and avoid clay from sticking to the mold.

Now on to the flower vase…

With this particular flower vase, I wanted something simple, so I mixed half white and half translucent polymer clay.

Photo Mar 19, 9 33 37 PM

I made a shape of the vase by hand.  I didn’t make a hole inside at this point to avoid deforming.

Photo Mar 19, 9 46 59 PM

I used one of my poly clay molds and sliced off the top very thinly to get the decoration.

Photo Mar 19, 11 07 34 PM Photo Mar 19, 11 08 39 PM

Then I just slid the decoration off the blade onto the surface of the vase.  After baking the clay in the oven, I drilled the hole with a jewel crafting router.  I just attached the handle using superglue onto the vase, and my vase was done!

Photo Mar 19, 11 25 03 PM

12 Replies to “Flower vase and my mold taking habit”

  1. Mimi, that’s a great idea to take molds of things. I will definitely implement that. Thanks, too, for your earlier tip about silicone molds for hot glue gun melts. I bought one at Michaels and enjoyed making a small wall fountain for the arch in Granny Farthing’s garden. Your blog gives me so many helpful ideas!

    1. yay! Happy to hear that! Yeah, taking molds is really useful. I wish silicone putty was cheaper…lol I’ve seen DIY silicone puttty, but I’m not sure the shelf life of that. Maybe I should give it a try sometime. 🙂

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