Halloween Treat Stall

I finally combined some of the Halloween treats I made into a stall.  I don’t have any new tutorials today, but I linked tutorials to make items in this stall, so I hope that helps.

Photo Sep 30, 2 48 04 PM

I made the stall pretty much the same way I did with the potion stall except for the design. Foam board is awesome, I tell ya!

Photo Sep 28, 10 05 53 PM

For the decoration of the stall, I used some Halloween stickers. Hey, don’t say I cheated! lol

Photo Sep 30, 2 48 30 PM


Here are the links to tutorials.


Tomorrow, I will announce the winners of the giveaway.  Since I had more people enter than I expected, I decided to have 2 winners.  Keep your fingers crossed!


Potion Stall

First of all, thank you so much to all those who entered the Halloween giveaway! If you haven’t, it’s completely free on your part, so give it a try! Remember, the deadline is end of this month.  Check it out! -> “Halloween Giveaway!”

Anyways, today’s post is on the wooden stall that I made for the Halloween festival. This should also explain how to make a wood looking surface with a foam board.  (If you are interested in what else you can do with foam board, check out Diorama 101, many of the crafts there use foam boards)

Photo Sep 28, 3 57 50 PM

So this entire structure is made out of foam board. I’ve said in many of my past posts that you can do a lot with these dollar store boards, and you can even mimic wood, especially weathered looking kind, which happens to be perfect for Halloween.

I cut out the 5mm think foam boards into pieces, and peeled off the paper on both sides.

Photo Sep 24, 3 37 49 PM

Then I brushed the surface with a steel brush.  You can find these awesome brushes for about a dollar at DIY stores.  This gives a very nice wooden texture to the surface, not to mention, very quickly.

Photo Sep 24, 3 43 54 PM

Then with a pencil, I drew lines so the board looks like a panel of multiple wooden planks.

Photo Sep 24, 3 43 34 PM

This is how it looks like when you put the boards together before painting. I recommend painting each panel first, then assembling the stall together once the paint is dry.

Photo Sep 24, 3 54 27 PM

For the painting, I simply painted black acrylic paint all over for the first coat.

Photo Sep 24, 6 04 38 PM

Then for the highlight, I brushed on some light gray.  Make sure that your brush is dry for this coat, and not to put very much paint at all.

Photo Sep 24, 6 13 53 PM

For the assembly, I just hot glued everything together.  I left the roof unglued for easy access to the inside.

Photo Sep 24, 6 35 46 PM

I added a shelving unit on the back.

Photo Sep 24, 7 24 03 PM

Pretty easy, eh? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much time at all to make this stall.


Photo Sep 24, 1 05 50 PM

I had some small glass vials, so I put various materials to make them look like potion bottles. Beads, clay, fur…anything will do, really.

Photo Sep 23, 10 30 43 PM

To top it off, I printed some free printable potion labels I found online at shrunk size, and glued them onto the bottles.

Photo Sep 24, 10 17 17 AM

This is where I’m thinking Halloween festival is going to be held….I hope everything will come together okay.

Photo Sep 24, 6 36 46 PM

Halloween Giveaway!

Now that I have made a few Halloween things, I’m giving away some extras!

Photo Sep 26, 3 15 36 PM

There will be just 1 winner for this giveaway, but the winner will get everything in the picture below, including the elephant babies.

Photo Sep 26, 3 15 36 PM-001

Let me remind you that I am not that great at sewing nor miniature food, so don’t expect pro-quality. I am only sharing the Halloween fun with you.

Oh, did I tell you you get these actual dolls, too? Yeah, it’s true! I will of course include their original outfits in the package too.

Photo Sep 26, 3 17 27 PM Photo Sep 26, 3 17 49 PM


To enter this giveaway, you only have to put your nickname and e-mail address in the comment section below in this post.  Your e-mail address will not be visible to other people but me.  And if you win, I will contact you to this e-mail address, so please double check your e-mail address before your send in the comment.

**Also I need to approve your comments before they show up in the comment section, so please don’t worry if your comment doesn’t immediately show up.  If you don’t see your comment after 3 days, please let me know.

If you are underage, please be sure to ask your guardians that it is OK for me to ask for your shipping address if you get chosen.

DEAD LINE IS SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 at 11:59 Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Oh, and I will ship this to anywhere in the world as long as the shipping company is willing.

I will announce the winner on the post on Oct.1. 😉