Boy’s Bedroom

This post is the last of a little boy’s bedroom decorations.  Although I haven’t finished this room yet, I think I am going to give it a rest since I want to make some Halloween things for my town after this. lol

Photo Aug 31, 4 42 37 PM

Below is how the room first looked. I had already put the wallpaper up. For this specific SF (or CC) house, you can download free printable wallpaper on their official site.  I just printed them out black and white, cut them out carefully, and used the cut outs as the guide for my card stock.

Photo Aug 03, 9 50 50 PM

In case you have a hard time navigating their website, here are the direct links.

-Sylvanian Families UK-

Maple Manor with Carport wallpaper

Cedar Terrace wallpaper

Beechwood Hall wallpaper

Cozy Cottage Starter Home wallpaper

-Calico Critters-

Luxury Townhome wallpaper

Oakwood Home wallpaper

Cozy Cottage Starter Home wallpaper




After wallpapering, I put the panels on and moldings for the walls. In my opinion, this looks much better.

Photo Aug 04, 10 19 02 PM

Then I made a bed frame out of balsa wood.

Photo Aug 07, 7 09 48 PM

Photo Aug 07, 7 57 15 PM

<whale wooden board>

This is just what it looks like.  I just cut out a piece of thin balsa wood into a whale shape and painted it with acrylic paint.

Photo Aug 19, 8 19 19 PM Photo Aug 19, 8 31 06 PM Photo Aug 19, 8 35 27 PM


<miniature car>

I found these awesome original monopoly pieces at an antique shop near my house. I think they are pretty cool.

Photo Aug 31, 8 56 18 PM

Oh, I did make the gray shelving units with balsa as well, but alas, I forgot to take pics of the process…well, I think they are pretty straight forward anyways… ;p


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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I’m planning on doing a girl’s room some time. I just have so many things I want to do on my list, but it will definitely be coming up.

    1. Thanks! I’m still working on this room, as well as my site, but I’m happy to hear that you like them. XD

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