Black Lace Wreath

Today’s wreath is simply elegant with just black and gray.

I made a gray base with polymer clay, but you can use any material as long as you can get it to the wreath shape and color it gray. It’ also cute with different color combinations.

Photo Sep 05, 5 55 36 PM

Somehow I just couldn’t find any black lace, so I just painted the white one I had at home with some black acrylic paint.


Photo Sep 05, 6 12 38 PM Photo Sep 05, 6 21 34 PM

Once the paint is dry, cut out some pieces of lace, and attach one corner onto the back of the base with a glue gun.

Photo Sep 05, 9 41 21 PM Photo Sep 05, 9 42 44 PM Photo Sep 05, 9 42 52 PM


Make sure that the lace isn’t loose in front, and attach the rest on the back. Don’t put any glue in front.

Photo Sep 05, 9 44 52 PM


This is how it should look like in front.

Photo Sep 05, 9 45 03 PM


Repeat this process, and you should have a wreath like below.  I attached a back bow on top, but other decorations would be cute, too!

Photo Sep 05, 9 51 24 PM

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  1. I think my favorite is the black rose wreath, but I am not torally sure. I really like the ball wreath too. Well, maybe I like the rose one, no the ball one ….. I do not know!!! All of them are amazing! You’ve got talent my friend! 🙂

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