Announcing… The Halloween Giveaway Winners!

Believe it or not, 85 people enter this giveaway! Hooray!!

As the deadline has just passed, I figured it would be nice to announce the winners as soon as possible….yup, you read it right, “winners.”  Since way more people ended up entering the giveaway than I had anticipated, I have prepared an identical package for a second winner.

To be very, very fair, I lined up everyone’s names (in the order they entered the giveaway) and assigned each person a number.  The crossed out areas are e-mail addresses. (If you are curious, you can click on the pictures to enlarge to find your names.)

Photo Oct 01, 12 18 39 AM

Then I went to “” and had their program randomly pick out two numbers between 1 and 85.

Photo Oct 01, 12 25 12 AM

And here are the winners, drum roll please…….

Photo Oct 01, 12 29 23 AM

64 and 31!!

64 is Luciana, and 31 is あさ!

Congratulations, and I will send you an e-mail tomorrow, probably around this time.   (I’ve got a busy day tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait…sorry!!)

Thanks everyone for trying out your luck!  I had a lot of fun preparing for this giveaway, and I will be doing another giveaway for Christmas, if not earlier.

Off to bed now..good night! 😀


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