Halloween Candy Wagon

Do you remember all that candy I made the other day for Halloween? I finally made a wagon for them.  The wagon is on its way to the festival ground…

Photo Oct 04, 10 41 16 PM

Making a wagon seemed a bit complicated- and it was, but somehow I managed to make one.  I don’t know if I like the design and what not, but this is as far as I will go.  After all, I have a bunch of other projects to finish before Halloween.

So since I wasn’t sure how I make the wagon, I figured things out as I went along.  First I made the counter with foam board, then I kept adding different pieces.

Photo Oct 03, 4 55 05 PM

Photo Oct 03, 9 44 57 PM

At this point, it started to look like a wagon.

Photo Oct 03, 9 51 40 PM

The material for the wheels was another thing.  I thought of making them with wood, but that seemed like it would take way too much time- and foam board would be too weak.  So I just made the whole thing out of polymer clay.  It required baking after each step, but it turned out good enough.

Photo Oct 03, 10 54 33 PM Photo Oct 03, 10 59 37 PM

Photo Oct 04, 10 19 56 AMPhoto Oct 04, 10 21 47 AM

Photo Oct 04, 10 27 16 AMPhoto Oct 04, 10 29 54 AM

After baking the last time, I poked holes in the middle of the axles while the clay was still warm and soft.

Photo Oct 04, 10 58 40 AM

Then I stuck a toothpick through the holes. Oh, and I painted the wheels since I used scrap clay to make them. I could have made it so the wheels could actually spin, but I didn’t want to bother with that, so I just hot glued the wheels to the wagon.

Photo Oct 04, 11 01 19 AM

Before attaching the wheels, I realized that the wagon was too high for my critters, so I cut the bottom a bit.

Photo Oct 04, 11 09 20 AMPhoto Oct 04, 11 10 45 AM

I don’t know what this piece is called, but I made this thing that keeps the wagon from tilting while it’s standing still.

Photo Oct 04, 11 16 35 AM

There we go. Everything put together.

Photo Oct 04, 12 33 18 PM

I made a candy display platform.


Photo Oct 04, 1 00 15 PM Photo Oct 04, 1 17 48 PM

And hot glued bunch of miniature glass jars on the wagon. I did this before I made a roof of the wagon, because I needed to know the look and feel of the display so that I can think of the roof design that will go with the candy.

Photo Oct 04, 1 49 03 PM

I added some roof pieces on top…

Photo Oct 04, 2 07 55 PM

And glued on a card stock as the roof.

Photo Oct 04, 2 26 32 PM

If I were making a wagon that will sit on my diorama all year around, then I probably would have made this wagon with more solid material and added more details, but I  think this is good enough for events like this.

Photo Oct 04, 2 40 29 PM

….so I thought!

I ended up changed the color of the wheels, painting the jars black, and sticking labels on them afterwords.

Photo Oct 04, 10 41 16 PM

Okay, now this looks more like it…phew.

4 Replies to “Halloween Candy Wagon”

  1. Mimi I’ve bought wheels (well lots of things) from these folks (link below), just “search” wheels and several types pop up, I recently bought the 1.5 inch and think they will work for this cart? I am wayyy toooo lazy to make my own wheels ! LOVE this tutorial THX !!! E


    1. Ahaha, I don’t see why not! Just make sure the height of the cart will not be too high for your needs. The size of wheel will have a factor in this. I had never been to this site, but it looks fantastic! I wish I knew this site existed earlier hahaha! I think I’m going to spend some time looking through their products now, so thank YOU! XD

  2. That looks amazing! It looks so realistic! You are so good at making these things – do you have an Etsy shop? If not, you should totally start one. I am sure you would get plenty of buys. By the way, did you get my e-mail? 😀

    1. Thank you! I don’t sell anything I make…at least I haven’t so far. Every now and then people ask me that question, but there are so many artists that make quality items, and I don’t know if I can compete in that world. 🙁 More than anything, I just really like crafting and I am not sure if I will enjoy mass producing the same things to sell. It is always in back of my mind though. 🙂
      Oh, and I did read your last e-mail this morning. I don’t know what I did wrong, but didn’t realize it was in my inbox until then. >.<

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