Fortune Teller’s Tent

You might be already tired of all these little structures by now, but I am more than half way done with them. The Halloween festival is coming together.

Today’s tutorial is a fortune teller’s tent and a table with a crystal ball.  FYI, it will be a long post with lots of pictures.

Photo Oct 06, 7 28 24 PM

As usual, I used foam board for most of the base structure. First I cut out a big circle for the floor, and a smaller circle for the ceiling. I actually made two circles of each section for additional strength.

Photo Oct 05, 7 20 34 PM

For the roof bone, I cut out 1/4-ish of an circle, and made 5 more copies.  These will determine the shape of the roof top of the tent, so you can play around if you want.

Photo Oct 05, 7 32 26 PM

Line up and hot glue the roof top parts like the picture below.

Photo Oct 05, 7 35 53 PM

On the ceiling side, poke 6 holes. Try not to poke through the roof.

Photo Oct 05, 7 43 04 PM

Hot glue sticks or dowels in the hole you just opened.

Photo Oct 05, 7 47 11 PM

I gave the wooden panel patterns on the floor piece.

Photo Oct 05, 9 28 55 PM

Paint the areas that will be showing…floor, pillars, and ceiling.

Photo Oct 05, 9 44 47 PM

This is how it will look like attached together.  I find it easier to not to glue the floor to other pieces for decorating the inside afterwords.

Photo Oct 05, 9 53 17 PM

For the tent fabric, I just used a wide size Halloween ribbon from a dollar store.  I hot glued the top to look like the picture below.

Photo Oct 05, 10 23 46 PM

Then I hot glued the sides onto the roof pieces.

Photo Oct 05, 10 12 57 PM

I also hot glued the bottom of the pillars and the ribbon.

Photo Oct 05, 10 13 03 PM

I simply folded the end of the ribbons.

Photo Oct 05, 10 27 00 PM

The ribbon for the front is shorter and rolled up.

Photo Oct 05, 10 30 26 PM

I added some tulle and black lace for some glam.

Photo Oct 05, 11 01 13 PM

Then I wrapped a fringe ribbon around where the ceiling piece is.

Photo Oct 05, 11 03 54 PM

On top of the roof, I pinned a pin through some beads for the top.

Photo Oct 05, 11 11 52 PM Photo Oct 05, 11 13 43 PM

OK, phew…now onto the crystal ball table.  This is actually my husband’s idea to make the crystal ball glow. I think it turned out pretty neat.

Photo Oct 06, 7 26 46 PM

I had this flickering tea light from last Halloween. I cut off the silicone part on top. (The part that’s shaped like a flame) And got a crystal looking bead.

Photo Oct 06, 4 17 56 PM

I painted the sides of the light with black acrylic paint.

Photo Oct 06, 4 20 56 PM

Them I cut out a table top piece with a hole inside out of foam board.

Photo Oct 06, 6 50 07 PM

I hot glued the table top onto the tea light.

Photo Oct 06, 6 50 14 PM

I found this plastic lid of something just the right size for the inside of this table, so I used it under the tea light. Since there is a light switch on the bottom of the tea light, I didn’t glue the tea light and the lid together. They are simply stacked on top of each other.

Photo Oct 06, 6 50 34 PM

Now I cut a hole in the middle of the table cloth piece.

Photo Oct 06, 6 56 11 PM

Then I hot glued the table top and the cloth lining up the hole and the light.

Photo Oct 06, 6 57 20 PM

I hot glued some more on the table cloth to foam a shape.

Photo Oct 06, 7 14 21 PM

I glued a metal bead and a crystal ball bead on top of the light hole.

Photo Oct 06, 7 20 26 PM Photo Oct 06, 7 23 23 PM

Crystal ball actually lights up quite nicely. I probably should cover the base so that the light doesn’t shine through under the ball though. XD

Photo Oct 06, 7 25 06 PM

Photo Oct 06, 7 27 37 PM

6 Replies to “Fortune Teller’s Tent”

  1. I could never get tired of all yoir fantastic Halloween tutorials! I love looking at your creations. The tent is such a nice addition and the glowing crystal ball is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I really wasn’t sure how the tent was going to turn out, but it turned out okay, I think! Hehehe, I like the crystal ball, too. My husband did a good job coming up with it!

  2. Here in Australia, it is Spring time now, and Halloween has never been very big anyway. There are no pumpkins at this time of year, and it takes so long to actually get dark enough for things to show up properly, that all the young children are in bed asleep.
    However – thanks to your inspiring and delightful tutorials, my Sylvanian Village will be celebrating Halloween from now on, and celebrating it in high style.
    I can’t wait to pull out my foam board and start playing around with this set of tutorials.
    An NO, I will NEVER get tired of the fabulous things that you share with us on this blog. I only wish I had found something like this when my children were younger (except of course, there was no internet and therefore no blogs back in those dark ages :)). Oh well, lucky for the grandchildren that I found it at all I guess.

    1. Hahaha, well if it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t interested in Sylvanian Families until I turned 32! Plus my son isn’t really interested in playing with them anymore….sigh. At least I don’t have to worry about him destroying my town anymore. lol

      It’s so interesting to hear about Halloween in Australia! I’ve always wondered about Holidays there. All I knew was that Santa came from the beach surfing?? I’m glad that you were inspired to enjoy Halloween with us! 😀

  3. That is very nicely done! That is a great idea with the foam board, and maybe you could even adjust it to make it a girls canopy thing for a reading corner or over her bed.

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure how well it was going to look using just ribbons, but it turned out okay! You’re right. You can make tons of different tents this way. 😀

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