Easy Halloween Costumes and Treat Baskets

Without costumes and trick-or-treating baskets, Halloween is never complete. I started making costumes for my Sylvanian kids with some easy ones.

Photo Oct 10, 9 45 18 AM

It’s a bit unfortunate that seasonal sets are not available in Calico Critters series, but we can still make our own costumes to enjoy Halloween!


<Mummy Costume>

This so far has been the easiest costume to make.  Just cut some small strips out of white cloth. There is no need to cut them out neatly.

Photo Oct 09, 12 20 51 PMPhoto Oct 09, 12 26 46 PM

Stick in all the strips in the mug of hot black tea for a few minutes to dye them. Don’t leave the strips in for too long though, you only want a slight tint of brown.

Photo Oct 09, 12 33 27 PM

Dry your strips on a flat surface.  You’ll notice that the edges of the strips will be darker brown. This is what you are looking for here.

Photo Oct 09, 7 48 52 PM

Once the strips are completely dry, wrap them around your critters.  You don’t even need to use glue or anything as your critters fur will do a decent job keeping the strips on.


<Ghost Costume>

This costumes is pretty easy to make too. But it requires some hot glue usage.  Make sure you use low-temp glue gun, instead of hot to avoid accidental burns. You really don’t ever need high-temp glue guns for Sylvanian crafting.

First, cut white cloth into a circle (or whatever shape you’d like) to completely cover your little critter.

Photo Oct 09, 11 23 15 AM

Place the cloth over your critter, and with a pencil, lightly mark holes for the eyes.

Photo Oct 09, 11 24 12 AM

Cut the eye holes out, and double check the size adjusting as needed.

Photo Oct 09, 11 26 12 AM

Next, with some fray preventing solution, soak the cut edges.

Photo Oct 09, 11 33 05 AM

Once the solution is dry, place the cloth back on your critter and adjust the shape of your ghost costume gluing the cloth to itself with a low-temp glue gun.

Photo Oct 09, 11 48 56 AM

Cut off the extra cloth along the bottom. and treat the cut edge to avoid fraying.

Photo Oct 09, 11 51 36 AM

If you want the holes for the hands to come out, just cut them out with scissors. ;p

Photo Oct 09, 12 32 41 PM

<Wizard Costume>

Photo Oct 10, 11 04 35 AM

I made this costume mostly with hot glue instead of sewing.  Thanks to Zoe from  “Zoe’s Sylvanians” who shared a wonderful trick to use hot glue to make clothes.  I’ve hot glued cloth before, but never thought of making clothes that way. It actually worked quite well and so much faster than sewing.

Here is the link to her article for more detail —>> Making Clothing From Fabric

For the wizard’s gown, I tweaked a bit of the famous Sylvanian clothing pattern

Photo Oct 10, 11 16 34 AM

I made up the pattern of the wizard’s hat, I think this is pretty straightforward.

Photo Oct 10, 11 16 45 AM

Staff is just made out of polymer clay.


<Pumpkin Shaped Treat Basket>

Photo Oct 10, 11 08 13 AM

First, make a simple pumpkin shape out of clay.  Please refer to “Modern Pumpkins” for the instructions.

Once the pumpkins are hard, cut off the top, and clean out the inside.

Photo Oct 09, 9 01 59 PM

Pole holes on each side of the basket, and stick a wire in for the handle.  Draw a face with acrylic paint, and the basket is done!

Photo Oct 09, 9 17 43 PM


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    1. Thanks! Your hot glue idea was just super smart! I still can’t get over it. lol I’m having fun making clothes now. XD

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