A surprise birthday package from SylvaMAnia-san!

Hola, friends!

I received a package from SylvaMania today.  She is a Japanese SF blogger, who lives in the US.  She recently started her blog, as well as her YouTube Channel.  She films in both English and Japanese, so you might have fun watching her videos while picking up some Japanese.

SylvaMAnia kindly offered to share her new finds of discontinued Calico Critters, and ended up sending me more than I deserve!

Photo Feb 24, 7 29 32 PM

Aww my cow family finally has kids!  I got mom and dad with a used SF house I bought a while ago.  They now have two little babies to take care of other than their grocery store in Humpty Town. 🙂

Photo Feb 24, 7 36 50 PM

And look, a wedding set!  I never thought I’d have this box in my house.  SylvaMania said this was for my birthday! How sweet of her!!  As soon as I have more land for my town, I’m so going to get a chapel for them!

Photo Feb 24, 7 30 14 PM

And here is a newlywed couple I had all along….I’m really not a fan of their outdated outfits, so I’m pretty happy that my Sylvanians can now have a decent modern wedding. 🙂

Photo Feb 24, 7 33 25 PM

Lookie, cute signs for my town! I think SylvaMAnia handmade these. (I forgot to ask. ;p)  What a cleaver idea!! These washi tapes are pretty nifty, aren’t they?

Photo Feb 24, 8 08 42 PM

She also included a big roll of flower wire (how did she know that I was running out, I’ll never know…lol), and Japanese girl’s day figurines.  Aww, why is everyone so sweet to me?!

Photo Feb 24, 7 28 18 PM

The last but not least, I loved the birthday card! Ever since I started to blog, I’ve been collecting cards and letters in a special box.  It’s nice to receive handwritten letters in such a digital age, you know?

Thank you so much, SylvaMAnia! You made my day, for sure!

Hanging can flower pots

Hi-ya! So the other day, I found this really gorgeous photo of pansies on the internet. I loved it so much that I decided to recreate the scene in my Sylvanian town.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find where the original photo belongs to.  I will update this post if I can find this out accordingly.

Anyway, this is what I made.

Photo Feb 23, 12 27 16 PM

I made bunch of pansies in various colors for this.  If you are interested in making miniature pansies, here is my take on them. –> “Tutorial: pansies and violas.”

For the rusted cans,  I cut a straw and coated it with liquid silver leaf.  But you know, rolling up a tiny piece of aluminum foil is probably easier and just as good, lol.  I wanted a bit of dented look on my cans, and that’s also achievable either using straws or aluminum foil.

Photo Feb 22, 10 05 36 PM

Once your “can” has the metal shine, paint over it with some acrylic paint for the rusted or weathered look.  I also wrapped a couple of cans with some washi tape.

Photo Feb 23, 8 35 42 AM

I fill up the straws with some air drying clay.

Photo Feb 23, 8 40 14 AM

Fill in the cans with flowers.  I wanted to hang up my cans, so I poked holes on the cans with a sewing needle to get the wire through.

Photo Feb 23, 11 22 31 AM

Not bad for an ordinary straw! lol

Photo Feb 23, 12 18 38 PM

A special package from Zoe!

A few weeks back I received this wonderful package from my dear Sylvanian friend, Zoe.  You might know her from “Zoe’s Sylvanians.”   She is currently very busy with her school, but you can still enjoy her wonderful stories and tutorials on her blog.

Zoe has been a great friend to me ever since I started blogging in English. Her encouragements definitely contributes to my enthusiasm to continue blogging.

Last year I sent her some crafting materials just for fun.  She in return sent me her crafting supplies to share.  I’m always collecting fabrics and ribbons, so I was thrilled to received so many different patterns!  She also included some really cute clothing patterns for the Sylvanians!

Photo Feb 23, 7 38 19 PM Photo Feb 23, 7 39 14 PM

Some fun trinkets! How did she know that I collected stickers and trinkets also!?  I will never know….

Photo Feb 23, 7 40 19 PM

And look at these lovely books! She had made some books and clothes for my Sylvanians, too!  I was never a big fan of plastic books included in Sylvanian room sets.  These look sooooo much better!

Photo Feb 23, 7 46 01 PM

And the most of all, I just loved reading the letter from her….  She just might be the sweetest person I know.

Photo Feb 23, 7 42 56 PM

Thank you so much for the amazing package, Zoe!  You have no idea how much it meant to me.  I hope you’re having a great time at school, and I look forward to reading your new entries when you come back. 🙂