Sylvanian Families Shop

Hi there! It’s been a while since I last posted on the English page here… I’m losing the battle with my sleepiness every night, and just haven’t had a chance to craft nor visit fellow Sylvanians’ sites.  Oh, I hope this sleepy season goes by quick…I seem to not ever be able to have enough sleep lately!!


Today’s post is on my most favorite shop in the whole world, Sylvanian Families Shop.  If you’ve never heard of this shop, you’re in for a special treat!!

As you can tell by the name, Sylvanian Families Shop is a store that sells tons of Sylvanian Families items. When you visit their site, you can see all kinds of SF items that you can’t get anywhere else.  Especially for those of us in the US (as far as I know…) You will not believe your eyes when you see how many families they have in stock!

The actual store is located in London, but they have a very well established online store, and get this, they deliver to pretty much everywhere in the world!!  If you sign up on their website, and register your address, you can see the estimate shipping cost in your shopping cart, too.  I’ve found the shipping fee from the UK to the US pretty reasonable, actually pretty cheap, in my opinion.

The shop also has a very active SNS accounts.  If you use any of these SNSs, you might love seeing their posts.  Just like Sylvanian Families UK, the Sylvanian Families Shop is very engaging with the fans, so that is also very appealing.

<Sylvanian Families Shop in London>





I wanted to drop in a quick post on this wonderful shop, because I had just received a box full of SF items yesterday from them.  😉 It was seriously like Christmas, I tell you!  Here is the sneak peak of the items I bought.

Photo Mar 23, 6 13 07 PM

I won’t be posting on each item that I bought, since I’m sure I will feel a bit ashamed for buying so much. lol  But I will be updating my residents page in the next few days with my new families that came in this shipment.

England has always been my dream destination as long as I can remember.  I actually studied English super hard in school just so I can visit there one day.  Now I have a specific destination I want to visit in London, yup the Sylvanian Families Shop, so I’d better start saving! Ha ha ha!

Tulip Park

I find many people are especially fond of Sylvanian babies.  Every time I talk to kids, they seem to like the babies the best as well.  My Humpty town has been missing a park for babies for a long time, and I finally put one together, where the kids and babies can play.

Photo Mar 13, 2 00 45 PM

As you have probably seen, there are lots of playground items for the babies in the carrier case series.  I wanted to put them all in the park so it’s like a little playground.  I’ve also noticed that each playground items had tulip motifs…hence the name, “Tulip Park.”

Photo Mar 13, 2 02 58 PM

I placed my tulip flowerbed from last year in the center, and also made a tulip shaped sandbox. 🙂

Photo Mar 13, 2 02 32 PM

There is also a little picnic area on the lawn.  I basically put the things that my son and I love at the park we usually go to.

Photo Mar 13, 2 03 25 PM

And this is how the whole place looks like from above.

Photo Mar 13, 1 59 16 PM

I might add more tulips later, but for now, this is it.  Now my son and his cousins can play with babies as much as they want here!

If you are interested in how I made some of the items in this park, I recommend visiting my featured pages below.

“Diorama 101”


I hope they help!

Gorgeous package from Yuzu san!

Howdy!  In Salt Lake City, we finally started to see crocus flowers outside.  Spring is finally here!

In today’s post, I would like to share the gorgeous package I received from my dear friend, Yuzu.  You might remember her name from a few posts I’ve done in the past.  She is very creative, and I love her sense of style.  She and I happen to have a lot of things in common, so I secretly call her my twin.  (Okay, it’s no longer a secret, ha ha.)  If you’re new to my blog, here is the link to the Christmas package I got from her last year.

“An exchange Christmas package from Yuzu-san!”

And here is the link to her blog.  She has so many cute stories and clever crafts! –> “Yuzu’s blog”

Yuzu originally sent a package early enough to make sure it would arrive here in time for my birthday last month, but for some unfortunate mix of circumstances, it was returned back to her after getting so close to my doorstep.  After the package travel all the way back to Japan, she sent it again.  Boy, what a long trip!! I finally received the box this week, and I was literally dancing around the house with my son. 🙂

Anyways, Yuzu asked me what I wanted her to include in the package for my birthday, and I requested my favorite Japanese gummies! Yes, gummies!! I LOVE gummies, especially the kind she sent me!! I seriously go gaga for these! lol

Photo Mar 07, 2 03 17 PM

Well, enough of my gummy craze. lol Here is the rest of the package…I love how she puts her miniatures in a cute jar….it’s such a clever idea! And the jar is plastic, I wish they sold something like that here in the US…

Photo Mar 07, 2 03 51 PM

Here are the miniatures she made. She used a bundle of cute trims as the cushion to fill in  the space in the jar.  Ha!

Photo Mar 07, 2 05 50 PM

Photo Mar 07, 2 08 22 PM

Oh, gosh, I don’t know where to start, but Yuzu really sent me the prettiest miniatures ever! They’re all so tiny and super cute!! They fit right in my town’s style, too!!

“Perfume bottles”

Photo Mar 07, 5 17 40 PM

“trunk cases”

Photo Mar 07, 5 16 45 PM

The girls’ clothing store got really cute merchandise just in time for spring!  The store also has Yuzu’s other bags she sent me for Christmas. 😉

Photo Mar 07, 10 50 35 PM

“planet chocolates”

Photo Mar 07, 5 18 23 PM

“flower arrangements”

Photo Mar 07, 5 16 26 PM

Fighting over the planet chocolates…  These chocolates actually do exist in Japan, so I hear.   Oh, the land of yummy things….I miss Japan!!

Photo Mar 07, 11 02 17 PM


Photo Mar 07, 5 15 16 PM

My family visited the new park wearing the new shoes.  They fit perfectly, it’s amazing!!

Photo Mar 07, 10 56 01 PM

“Look, I got the new shoes on, too!” lol

Photo Mar 07, 5 13 35 PM

“Teddy bears”

Photo Mar 07, 5 16 01 PM

Mr. Cheshire loves the teddy bears!!  I barely managed to keep these cute bears from getting snatched up by my son. 😉

Photo Mar 07, 10 38 47 PM

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous package, too!  Every time I see these miniatures, my heart just melts. 🙂  Thank you so much, Yuzu!! I can’t stop smiling this week because of you!