Tulip Park

I find many people are especially fond of Sylvanian babies.  Every time I talk to kids, they seem to like the babies the best as well.  My Humpty town has been missing a park for babies for a long time, and I finally put one together, where the kids and babies can play.

Photo Mar 13, 2 00 45 PM

As you have probably seen, there are lots of playground items for the babies in the carrier case series.  I wanted to put them all in the park so it’s like a little playground.  I’ve also noticed that each playground items had tulip motifs…hence the name, “Tulip Park.”

Photo Mar 13, 2 02 58 PM

I placed my tulip flowerbed from last year in the center, and also made a tulip shaped sandbox. 🙂

Photo Mar 13, 2 02 32 PM

There is also a little picnic area on the lawn.  I basically put the things that my son and I love at the park we usually go to.

Photo Mar 13, 2 03 25 PM

And this is how the whole place looks like from above.

Photo Mar 13, 1 59 16 PM

I might add more tulips later, but for now, this is it.  Now my son and his cousins can play with babies as much as they want here!

If you are interested in how I made some of the items in this park, I recommend visiting my featured pages below.

“Diorama 101”


I hope they help!

14 Replies to “Tulip Park”

    1. Thanks a lot! A park is something I’ve always wanted to have in my town, so I’m relieved that’s done. 😉

  1. Absolutely amazing! The park is gorgeous and your diorama is what I would dream to have one day but until then I can admire your creations! <3

    1. Hiya, Sylvanako! Thank you so much! It’s so flattering to receive such a sweet comment from you!
      By the way, I was wondering if it was okay with you if I put a link to your flicker page on one of my pages I’m working on…

    1. Thanks! He he, the park ended up adding a lot of green to the paved town square view, so I kind of like it! 😉

    1. You think? Thank you so much! I kind of limits the area that I can put sand in, but it goes with the theme, I thought. 🙂 Glad to hear that you agree!

  2. Oh wow! Your park looks amazing! You are so talented… I am sorry that I have not commented on the last couple of posts so I am doing them now. Do you feel really warm and fuzzy when you read someones comment on your blog? I think it makes blogging all the more worthwhile…

    1. Aww thank you so much! Really, don’t worry about commenting on all the posts here. I do appreciate comments but I also don’t want people to feel like they need to comment every post. I used to use a different blog service in Japan, and it was flooded with comments every post, which took me way too much time to reply. I ended up not having much time at all to craft. lol That was one of the biggest reasons I made ashmimi.com, so yeah, don’t feel pressured to comment unless you’re so prompted. I am just happy that people are getting something out of my hobby.

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