A New Beginning

Hi, friends! I am all better now! Hooray!!

I have a news to share with you today…

My town….is….gone!

This is what’s left of it.

Photo Apr 26, 6 04 26 PM

I ripped everything apart and put the buildings in boxes.  It was sort of impulsive, and wigged my family out like I was going crazy or something, but I just had to do some Spring cleaning! XD

Don’t worry, I’m still very much in love with Sylvanian Families.  I was just tired of the same view that had been my room for over a year.  Plus, the town was taking way too much space in my room. 😉

So I decided to keep only 3 IKEA tables and tucked away the rest.  I want to rebuild a gigantic town when I have my own SF room some day, until then, these 3 tables will have to do!

Right now, I’m finishing up cleaning up in the rest of my house, while I plan the landscape of the new land for my SFs.  I’m thinking since I like making dioramas more than anything, I can make a scenery, and move on to the next when I’m tired of it.


Anyways, some of you might be wondering what happened to my seaside restaurant, so here is how far I got with it.

Photo Apr 26, 6 02 55 PM

I repainted the furniture and some of the wall decorations with Tamiya paint.

Photo Apr 17, 12 13 00 PM

Tamiya paint is really good when you paint slick surfaces like plastics.  The color sticks and won’t come off.  In fact, you’ll have a very hard time cleaning up your brushes or your hands unless you use high alcohol content remover.  I recommend antiseptic from the drug store, as it is so cheap.  But anyway, this characteristic of Tamiya paint will help you achieve a good coat on your surface without clogging the details.   If you decide to look for these special paints, go to the stores that sell miniature models and train dioramas etc.

Well, I think that’s enough for the paint talk.  As for the completion of the restaurant, I cannot give you the estimate date.  I totally lost interest in it, so I’m dropping it until my passion returns. lol  Oooh, this is why I have so many projects going on unfinished….but alas, I swore to myself that I will not do anything I don’t 100% want to do with my hobby so that I keep it enjoyable. 😉

Hopefully next time I post, I’ll have more exciting photos of my new scenery….hmmm, should I keep calling it Humpty Town? Maybe….well, maybe I’ll just consider that I’m making parts of Humpty Town or something…. Chao!

Toy Poodle Family

Hi, there, fellow Sylvanians! I’m still suffering from a cold! Ha ha! What sort of nasty cold is this!? I thought I was over it for a few days, then it all came back!! >.<

Anyway, so no crafts to post this week…sorry!

However, this post might be interesting to Sylvanians living outside of Japan.  Did you know that they just came out with toy poodle family in Japan? Well, they have whole bunch of other exclusive new stuff over there, and this family was one of them.  They are so adorable! Check them out!


Photo Apr 15, 7 38 37 PM

Awww, so stinkin’ cute!! I especially love the baby poodle. Such cute eyes!

Photo Apr 15, 7 49 28 PM

The tails are short and wiggly. 🙂

Photo Apr 15, 7 50 42 PM

Each doll came with its own story book.

Photo Apr 15, 7 44 38 PM

Matsuko also included some ruffles for dresses! Nice color choices!

Photo Apr 15, 7 37 39 PM

Now if you are interested in other new items in Japan, here is the link to the official site.  Unfortunately, it is only in Japanese, but on this page you should be able to see the photos of all the recent releases.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with the page set up of SF official sites, so you can probably navigate to see all the cool items in Japan.

“Japanese Sylvanian Families Official Site’s Catalog Page”

Ah those lucky Sylvanians in Japan….I wish we had access to all these items in the US, too! Waaaaa! lol

Alright…I’m determined to get better this weekend….lots of sleep and boredom, here I come!!

Floor remodeling – seaside restaurant

Hello, hello! I’m still alive!

Thanks for all the comments and messages  while I was offline.  They definitely helped me get back into crafting mode! The last few weeks, my family and I suffered from a nasty, nasty cold, and I just didn’t have the energy to craft! I’m still ridiculously sleepy everyday (no idea why!!) but at least I feel like crafting again.  😉

So a few weeks back, I thought about decorating the seaside restaurant I got last year on a Black Friday sale. If you have seen one of these, you probably know that the walls already come pretty much decorated and just need a little bit of color.  It’s one of those buildings that are kind of hard to design differently from the original.  So I just decided to give it a bit of an upgrade, to enhance the original design of the structure.  Well, I just started to do this today, and I don’t know if it will indeed become an upgrade, but we’ll see…

Photo Apr 08, 5 47 12 PM

Most of the SF buildings come with pretty nicely textured floors. They just have that very plastic look to them, so I wanted to try adding colors to make the texture come to life.

Photo Apr 08, 5 55 27 PM

First I put masking tape on the walls to avoid unwanted colors.  Then I added some dark brown like the photo below.  I used normal acrylic paint this time, so that I can  wipe off mistakes with warm water later.

Photo Apr 08, 6 10 00 PM

Once the paint was dry, I did a dark wash, where I spread watered down dark color all over.  It looks dark while it’s wet but lightens as it dries.

Photo Apr 08, 6 14 34 PM

Once the floor is dry, I added a faint highlight with light gray.

Photo Apr 08, 7 34 00 PM

This is as far as I got today.  It looks pretty good, I think.  😉

Photo Apr 08, 8 55 54 PM