Special Interview with Sylvanako

Hello, fellow Sylvanians.  I have something very exciting for you today!  – An interview with our favorite Sylvanian, Sylvanako!!

For those who have somehow never had the chance to see Sylvanako’s amazing photos, which I highly doubt that you never have…let me tell you a little bit about him before we move onto his interview.

  • Sylvanako  –  A fellow Sylvanian Families collector/photographer, who’s work is well known for it’s great captivation of fantasy and attention to detail.  His art style well correlates with the original designs of the Sylvanian Families, and many people mistake his work for official photos.  He is also a very active member of Sylvanian Families unofficial (but very well established) forum.  His photos are available on Flicker, Instagram, and everywhere else on the web!  To me, he’s a celebrity!

How did I pull this off?  Hehehe, I guess I kept bugging him enough to do this for me!  With his permission,of course, I am showing you some of my favorites from his work.


13773650214_f4d86f94c0_o © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.

14453999493_8b91ed2952_o © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.

Just “wow!” right?  He has the skill and great sense of art! In my opinion, his style is exactly what Sylvanian Families products are originally intended for.  All of his photos are cute, fun, and pop!

Now, to the interview!  Drum roll please…..


<<A special interview with Sylvanako>>

Q;   Where are you from? And tell us a little about yourself.

A;   I am Greek.  I was born and still live in Thessaloniki, Greece.  I am a father of three, two older sons and a daughter , 6 years old. I am not a professional photographer, but I always liked taking photos as a hobby! I also like toys and miniatures!


Q;    How did you first find out about Sylvanian Families?

A;   Sylvanian families are unfortunately not distributed in Greece, so I didn’t know much about them until 4 years ago when I searched online for toys I could play with, with my daughter.   I discovered the Sylvanian Families, and was fascinated by the variety, details and, cuteness of the line!  I started looking at other collectors’ sites and I was captivated by the beautiful setups, stories and creative possibilities.


Q;   So it all started 4 years ago.  How did you come about taking Sylvanian photos?

A;    I joined the Sylvanian forum and started posting some photos with Sylvanian scenes in a thread I called ‘ Sylvanian Life Moments’.   As I started to receive some positive feedback by the forum members ( I have met some fantastic people in there) I bought a nicer camera and better lights. I also began to experiment with photoshop, just for improving the pictures at first, and later adding more effects.


Q;    Could you tell us a bit about your photo creation process?

A;    I am a busy man in real life, and I don’t really have enough free time, so I take photos when I really have the time and inspiration.  Unfortunately I don’t have a studio or at least a private room, so all of the setups take place on my living room’s table!


Q;   On your living room’s table!  That’s something I’d never expected!

A;   That’s why I prefer to take the shots late at night when the family go to sleep and I have plenty of time on my own!  When an idea strikes, I work it in my mind for a while, trying to imagine the scenery, and maybe write down some notes.   Then I try to gather all the necessary items and figures.  And when I find the right time and mood, I proceed to the photo shooting!  After that, I edit my photos with photoshop.   And that part is the most fun for me!


Q;    Your photoshopped photos are definitely one-of-a-kind!  Can you tell us what your next project will be?

A;   My next idea will be to take photos of the old bakery building, which I want to turn into a bakery-café for my Sylvanians!


Q;   Sounds like it’s going to be a very cute scene.  I’m thrilled see how they turn out!  Do you think you can pick out your favorite photos you’ve done?

A;    If I had to choose three of my pictures they would be 1) The hedgehog girl with the dandelion, 2) The music concert theme, 3)mmm… maybe the winter fun theme, but now that I think of it, I like some others just the same, too!


13393136925_59cb9e507c_o  © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.
12241416375_b19eb20a18_o © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.
15843521480_f0412e8b82_o © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.


Q;   I’m sure many of your fans would love to know this… how big is your collection?  And what is your most prized piece?

A;   My collection is not that big.  There are some incredible collectors out there.  I have around 500 figures.  I only collect the figures and items I like the most, or maybe those that I would like to use one day in my photos.  I really like  the ‘around the world’ series and one of my favourite figures is the native American cat girl!


24027942214_19ac592e50_o © Sylvanako. All rights reserved.


Q;   I think 500 figures IS a pretty big collection.  I can hear the jealous screams of  kids around the world!  Are you on a hunt for a particular SF item at the moment?

A;   I have been trying to find the sylvanian kitchen building but still no luck! It comes up from time to time but the prices are too high!


Q;   That building is indeed gorgeous.  I see many Japanese collectors have it, so it must be less uncommon over there.  Have you ever been to Japan before?  It is the origin of the Sylvanian Families after all.

A;   I have never been to Japan, but I want to visit that beautiful country one day!


Q;   You have been posting your photos mainly on Flicker and Instagram.  Have you ever thought of starting your own blog?

A;   Having my own blog is always at the back of my mind, but I haven’t taken that step yet!  Maybe I am emotionally attached to my thread in the Sylvanian forum, it’s like a mini blog of mine!

Q;  That’s true.  The forum does have the very genuine and core SF fans, and you have a important place to fill there.  Do you have any messages for your fans?

A;  Being a member of the Sylvanian families community is one of the best things that has happened to me.  I have made many new friends from all over the world, and their kind words and support give me happy and positive feelings!  I like it when people find inspiration in my work as I find joy and inspiration in the work or collections of the other fellow collectors!

 -The End


Well, I hope you all enjoyed getting to know our star, Sylvanako!   I certainly did! 😉  Visit his sites for more of his wonderful photos, and I’m sure you’ll be very much inspired for your next project!

<Sylvanako’s pages>



Sylvanian Life Moments









A house makeover

Kyraja asked me which Sylvanian was going to live in the little house I have on my “very green diorama”. I’ve been making this diorama so I can have a place to plant the miniature flowers I plan to make in the future; for those who don’t know, I really enjoy making miniature clay flowers. So I thought, “The house can belong to the Periwinkles!” In my town, the Periwinkle Rabbit mom is the owner of a flower shop, and this little house would be a good home for her and her daughter to live, growing flowers around.

Photo Jul 17, 6 42 15 PM

So the house I used for this is a previous version of Sylvanian Families starter home.  I got this off of e-bay for pretty cheap last year.

Photo Mar 13, 7 39 50 PM   Photo Mar 13, 7 40 04 PM

I wasn’t such a big fan of rather dark brown walls, so I spray painted the walls and the roof.  I hand painted the windows and the door with multi-surface acrylic paint.

Photo Jul 17, 6 44 20 PM

I think my kitty approves!

Photo Jul 15, 9 14 07 PM

In the front yard, I placed some cute stepping stones I had found while shopping inside a local botanical garden.

Photo Jul 11, 10 40 04 AM

I made a bigger piece for the house entrance resembling the design of the stepping stones.  This is just a plain old foam board. 🙂

Photo Jul 10, 3 42 18 PM

From now on, if I make some flowers that fit in this diorama, I will just keep on adding them.  I’d say this diorama is just about done for now.

I’ve started to play around with inside of the Periwinkle’s house.  Boy, it’s so hard to decide on a wall paper! >.<


a waterfall and around the pond

Hello, friends!  I have finally finished my waterfall and other things around my pond.  No, it’s not spectacular; unfortunately.  The waterfall didn’t turn out as good as I hoped.  But oh well, at least you can tell it is supposed to be a waterfall. lol!!

Photo Jul 09, 8 42 52 PM

From this distance, the waterfall looks okay, I think.  Just don’t go looking at it any closer! Ahahaha!

If you’re wondering how I made this waterfall, it is mostly the same way as the fountain I wrote about a while ago, except that I used thicker fishing wire, and instead of superglue, I used hot glue this time.

Photo Jul 07, 9 23 16 PM

The photo below is how the waterfall looked before I finished it up with clear resin.

Photo Jul 09, 6 30 34 PM

The bench in this photo is something I found at a fairy garden supply store the other day.  It is made out of bamboo sticks, and I just stained it darker to match my bridge.

Photo Jul 09, 8 46 38 PM

Photo Jul 07, 4 43 02 PM Photo Jul 07, 4 52 20 PM

The bridge is made out of basswood, which is a bit stronger than balsa wood, but is still soft enough to work with an Exacto knife.  The tutorial is on this page, although the design is a bit different.

Photo Jul 09, 8 43 08 PM

Photo Jun 12, 10 38 00 AM

And this is how my diorama looks like right now.  I got some cute fairy garden items for the house as you can see.  Many fairy garden items are just the right size for Sylvanians, so I like taking advantage of them whenever I can to save me some time.

Photo Jul 09, 8 45 26 PM

I got these particular ones at a gift shop in a botanical garden in my town.  Crafts supply stores usually carry good amount of them as well.

Photo Jun 09, 6 15 53 PM Photo Jun 09, 6 17 48 PM (1)

My next step is around the house.  Let’s hope my interest lasts long enough to finish it, before Halloween season comes again! lol