a waterfall and around the pond

Hello, friends!  I have finally finished my waterfall and other things around my pond.  No, it’s not spectacular; unfortunately.  The waterfall didn’t turn out as good as I hoped.  But oh well, at least you can tell it is supposed to be a waterfall. lol!!

Photo Jul 09, 8 42 52 PM

From this distance, the waterfall looks okay, I think.  Just don’t go looking at it any closer! Ahahaha!

If you’re wondering how I made this waterfall, it is mostly the same way as the fountain I wrote about a while ago, except that I used thicker fishing wire, and instead of superglue, I used hot glue this time.

Photo Jul 07, 9 23 16 PM

The photo below is how the waterfall looked before I finished it up with clear resin.

Photo Jul 09, 6 30 34 PM

The bench in this photo is something I found at a fairy garden supply store the other day.  It is made out of bamboo sticks, and I just stained it darker to match my bridge.

Photo Jul 09, 8 46 38 PM

Photo Jul 07, 4 43 02 PM Photo Jul 07, 4 52 20 PM

The bridge is made out of basswood, which is a bit stronger than balsa wood, but is still soft enough to work with an Exacto knife.  The tutorial is on this page, although the design is a bit different.

Photo Jul 09, 8 43 08 PM

Photo Jun 12, 10 38 00 AM

And this is how my diorama looks like right now.  I got some cute fairy garden items for the house as you can see.  Many fairy garden items are just the right size for Sylvanians, so I like taking advantage of them whenever I can to save me some time.

Photo Jul 09, 8 45 26 PM

I got these particular ones at a gift shop in a botanical garden in my town.  Crafts supply stores usually carry good amount of them as well.

Photo Jun 09, 6 15 53 PM Photo Jun 09, 6 17 48 PM (1)

My next step is around the house.  Let’s hope my interest lasts long enough to finish it, before Halloween season comes again! lol

8 Replies to “a waterfall and around the pond”

  1. This fairy garden is gorgeous!
    Please can you make a tutorial on how to build the wooden bridge?I love it so much and found nothing in the web about 🙁

    1. Thanks a lot! I do have a wooden bridge tutorial linked on this article. It is an easier version, but if you get the hang of it, you can really just customize with the designs you like.

  2. In my opinion the waterfall looks absolutely fantastic! 🙂
    Who will be the happy family to live in the houde near the waterfall?

    1. Hi, Kyraja!! I thought and thought, and decided to have the periwinkle rabbit mom and the daughter live in this house. I only have those two of the periwinkles, and the mom is a flower shop owner in my town, so I thought it might be fitting.

    1. Hiya, Donna! Thanks for the kind comment! I’m much slower these days, but I still enjoy crafting, so it’s encouraging to hear that there people enjoying my dioramas. 🙂

  3. I thi8nk that your waterfall looks amazing! Your diorama is really coming toghether now, sadly, where I live, I don’t think that there is a craft store that sells miniature things =(. I will keep looking though.

    1. Why, thank you, Emily! That’s too bad that you can’t find miniature things. If you can find gardening and bird feeding supply store, they might carry some fairy gardening things. >.<

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