Oh What a Summer…

Hello, friends!  It’s me, Mimi!  I hope you’ve remembered me!

I’ve been having THE WORST SUMMER EVER this year; getting sick left and right without a break.   I’m so sorry about the absence of posts and replies to comments here.  And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I’m done with all my resting quite yet… and I’m very sad that the first day of fall is already visible on my calendar.

Anyway, although I’m still under the weather somewhat, I am definitely better than the last two months.  I have the will to craft again.  Hooray!  I saw some Halloween craft supplies already out in stores, and got excited.  I don’t think I will be crafting like mad like last year’s Halloween, but I do want to have some fun.  If you are interested, Halloween crafts from last year are all on this page.  —>  “HALLOWEEN CRAFTS”


Now, I do have some updates of my town to share.

My friend in Japan sent me a special gift.  You might have heard of them before, but this family is called “Lavender Rabbit Family.”

Photo Aug 21, 12 08 05 PM

This family is only available in Hokkaido, a northern island of Japan.  My friend had a chance to visit there, and got me a family.  How sweet of her!!


She also included some fun things and a catalog of this year’s Japanese Sylvanian Families.   Boy, they have so many cool new things!

Photo Aug 21, 11 56 29 AM

Oh yeah, to talk about “cool new things,” I found some new Calico Critter products out at Toys”R”Us.

Photo Aug 22, 9 29 07 AM Photo Aug 22, 9 28 21 AM Photo Aug 21, 3 21 12 PM Photo Aug 21, 3 21 30 PM Photo Aug 21, 4 52 06 PM Photo Aug 22, 5 30 56 PM Photo Aug 22, 5 30 28 PM

Okay, I know, I know, that was a big splurge.   I guess my husband felt so sorry for me for being sick and not able to craft for so long, he said I could get them all.  I must be married to an angel!

Now, I did see a few more new stuff on their online shop, so you might want to check them out!  You will probably see these new buildings and families in my future posts, so hang in there…

By this time, you might be wondering, where on earth I’m going to put all these new buildings, right?  Hehehe, my angelic husband also told me I could have a town out again, so I am starting out new again.   Yes, you read right, I’m making a SF town again!   It’s not going to be as big as the last one, and I ‘d like to keep it as another part of Humpty town, but it will be a whole new scenery.  I just have to figure out the way to deal with these little guys wanting to interfere and destroy everything….lol

Photo Aug 24, 11 17 31 PM

Oh, also before I was completely down, I managed to make the upstairs bedroom of my lavender house this much, so I’m sharing the photo before I forget. 🙂

Photo Aug 21, 12 12 01 PM

I’ll come back to finish this room once the busy holiday season is over….or something like that. lol!!