Very durable tree

Have you heard? The new line of SF products are now on sale in Japan! In case you haven’t heard, it’s called the “town series,” and it’s absolutely beautiful!  Here is the link to JP SF site, if you’re interested.

I’ve been making a few items that will go with this town series lately, and I thought that I’d post this craft earlier than others, as this will probably be very useful for many.

So far, this tree has been THE best that I’ve made, because it’s so durable, easy to make, and cost efficient.  It’s so durable that you can totally let your little ones play with it! Plus it will last for years to come because unlike the trees with air-dry clay, it won’t ever shrink or crack!

What you need first is this IKEA fake plant pot.  It’s about 3 US dollars.  You can make 3 trees out of one of these pots.

*If you don’t live near IKEA, do not fret, you can just adopt some of the techniques from my earlier post using other fake plants from the store. Check out this and this.

Pull the plant part out of the pot.

Take 4 of the detachable stems off the plant.

With a small brush, paint the top half of the stems first with the color of tree branch you’d like.

Paint the bottom half. I’ve found painting the branches this way was the easiest for me.

Cut a flexible wire (about 25cm long.)

Fold and press one end of the wire.

Poke a hole on the bottom branching area with a sharp stick (I used a corn holder,) and put the wire through the hole from the top of the plant.

Repeat this process so all 4 branches are connected like beads; we’re pretty much stringing these trees together.  Set this piece aside.

Cut off about 22cm long thick wire.  You’ll need 4 of them per tree. Fold the wire in half, leaving the folded area round like the photo.  The length, size, or shape won’t matter too much, so don’t stress much on this part.

Fold the area that the wire touches into 90 degrees angle.

Bundle 2 of the wires like the photo below, using a tape.  You can use any kind of tape as long as they don’t come off so easily.  I prefer using masking tape for painting.

Sandwich the last step with last 2 wires and tape over them again.

Stick the bottom branch into the bunched up wires, and wrap the whole area around tight with the leftover wire that was coming out of the bottom of the branches.

Wrap the whole trunk area with some more tape.

Get your low-temp glue gun ready, and reinforce connecting areas of the branches.  Also, I recommend adding some padding with glue on the lowest branches, it will add more realistic look to your tree. Hot glue is what’s making the texture of the tree branches and the trunk.  It takes about 2 glue sticks, so if you’re making multiple trees, be sure to have enough of them!

Cover the whole trunk area of the tree with hot glue.  The trick is do get your glue out little by little as you move the tip of your glue gun side way over and over.

Finally, Cover the top of the wires sticking out on the bottom, shaping the roots of the tree.

Paint all the areas that had hot glue on.

I kind of added brownish gray to add some texture.  At this point, your tree should stand on it’s own well.  Since we didn’t use any clay, you can adjust the root wire, too.

If you want to go one more step further and make trees along the street, prepare a dish like the photo below.  I made mine with foam board. Hot glue the bottom of the tree.

Fill the dish with some air drying clay.

Paint the surface of the clay.

Paint clear drying glue over the paint.

Sprinkle tea leaves, and done!

By the way, I just received my package of the new town series from Amazon Japan, so I’ll be doing a bit of introduction of those in the next post.  Leave here a comment if you have questions in regards to the new products!

6 Replies to “Very durable tree”

  1. That’s really very clever! I love your fresh ideas and practical solutions on diorama making! Trees are very important for a decent sylvanian scenery! And you’re right these ones are durable too! Great job!

    1. You think? Yay! I’m glad you think I’m practical, cos that’s kind of what I’m striving to be. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! This tutorial is great!
    Wow, it looks like you bought most of the new Town series already, I can barely wait to hear what you think of them all. I also have some on the way.

    1. No problem! I’m glad you like it!
      Haha, I did buy most of the new stuff. My hubby was like, “Of all the people, you need to get them, right?” And I was like, “YESSSS!!”

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