The new town series

Hello, hello! The new town series is here! In today’s post, I’m going to show you some photos that I took while opening up my boxes.  I purchased all of the new products other than the individual dolls and dress sets.  This new line is actually really, really detailed and beautiful.  When the buildings are placed next to one another, it sort of reminded me of the scenery of the shopping area inside Paris hotel in Las Vegas. lol   Sorry, I’ve never been to Europe and this is as close as it gets for me….what a shame!

Inside the “Grand Department Store Deluxe Set“, other than these basic department parts, you the same items that are in “Boutique Fashion Set“, “Cosmetic Beauty Set“, “Fashion Showcase Set“, “Chocolate Lounge“, as well as a sister chocolate rabbit.

You can place the department store building parts in different places to enjoy multiple views.  Check out this official video for more.

I really like this new series now that I’ve seen it in person.  The details are absolutely gorgeous from every angle you look!

Boutique Fashion Set

Cosmetic Beauty Set

Fashion Showcase Set

Chocolate Lounge”   I should also mention that in this new series, food, dishes, and cups are all much more detailed.  I love the dishes…they’re actually so pretty that I don’t feel like they need replacing at all.

And this is the sister chocolate rabbit in the deluxe set.

These new “sisters” that just came out have cute eye lashes and skinnier legs and feet, making them more suitable for fashionable looks.  They are also slightly taller than the girls.

The sister doll also comes with the “Designer Studio.”

Can you see how beautiful the details are?

Next, is a “Creamy Gelato Shop.” It has fruit motifs everywhere in the store. I think the sconces are gorgeous, too!

Next is the “Delicious Restaurant” lol .  In my opinion, it is less decorated than other buildings, but I do adore the front door and the spiral staircase.

I like how they made the furniture with real wood look.  I think they turned out beautifully!

This is the upstairs.

The restaurant also comes with a chef’s outfit.

It’s true that each building is much shallower than previous products, however, all but “Designer Studio” come with these pieces, which work as floor extensions and/or roofs.  Personally I don’t mind the shallower buildings because I focus more on the exterior due to my diorama making addiction. 😉

Okay, phew, we’re only half way done! Let’s look at the “Ride Along Tram” now.  The set comes with the tram, a tram stop, and a conductor’s hat.  Seats are detachable, and you can actually use pieces from the restaurant or gelato shop to make it into a hip converted shop/restaurant.

Oh yeah, they also released a new cafe set.  It comes with a tea set, too! Cute eh?

And this is what the street light looks like.  There are two modes for the lights to be on, one is flickering lights, the other is the constant.

And this is the new species that came out with the “Grand Piano Concert Set“….the lion!  Look at his hands, they’re specifically made for playing the piano.

He is not huge or anything…just a standard adult SF size.  Personally, I wish he had more realistic mane but oh well.

The concert series has more.  This one is “Cello Concert Set.” Notice the silk cat girl’s hands are shaped for holding the cello.

And this one is “Violin Concert Set.” The chocolate rabbit girl’s hand is slightly different from the Cello set, it’s more suitable for the violin.

And lastly, this is the picture of the new town that’s on every box.  Enlarge the photo, and you might find some ideas Epoch is thinking of for the next products here.

I totally zipped through the new stuff, and I apologize if I missed anything.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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