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Hi, there!  While I was making a new flower shop for my town, I decided that I needed something hanging in the background.  But I didn’t have a lot of time to make a proper hanging basket.  So I made a net that holds a pot, which will basically hangs the whole pot, or whatever you want to hang from the ceiling.

I’ve looked around how to make a net, and apparently, it’s quite simple.  All you need is a set of 8 strings.  Here I’m using a sewing thread to match with the size of my miniatures.

Okay, so the length of your threads don’t need to be any more than 10cm each. Put all 8 strings together and make a big knot.


Now, separate the strings into 4, with 2 strings in each.

Tie a knot on each group, at about 0.5cm from the big knot.

This time, separate each strings and group with neighboring strings.  It’s a bit hard to explain, but you can probably figure it out looking at the photo below.

Repeat the process above as needed, depending on the size of your pot, or whatever you are hanging up.

With this hanging net, I only did one more round of knots. Stick your object inside  the net and check the size.

If the net seems like a good size, then just tie a big knot on top so you can hang the net from  the hook.

Super easy, right?  The net will adjust it’s shape accordingly to the object inside.  You can really be creative and have fun with this, by changing the number of knots, the material and color of the strings etc.  It would be fun to do something more decorative, too.  Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Hanging Pot”

  1. So cool! By the way where did you find that tiny pot?Very nice size!
    A new flower shop? Can’t wait!

    1. Tiny pot that’s terracotta color? I found it at a crafting supply store, actually. 😀 If you’re talking about the grey one in the back, I also found it at the same store, although it was made of wood so I had to paint over it. It’ll be a while I can do much on the flower shop past this point, but I also hear a rumor about a new SF flower shop for the town series, so hmmmm…what to do, what to do….

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