Tall Topiary

As I was building a new town in my wardrobe, I had the urge to place a row of very tall topiary on the side of the road.  Don’t ask me why, I just thought that would look kinda cool.


I didn’t have pots big enough for what I had envisioned, so I decided to start this craft out by making the pots.

I usually save my left over clay bits in a baggie. I got my mixed color of clay bits out, and kneaded it till the color was more consistent.  You can skip this part if you are making just one pot, but I needed to make 3 identical pots, so I thought it would be easier to see the shapes I’m making if the color of clay wasn’t so psychedelic.

To make the solid base of the pot, I placed a penny on the bottom, and started to shape my clay pot using the penny as a sizing guide.  I did it just like the cave men did! He he he.

Okay, they are….identical….enough! ;p

Once my pots had hardened (this will vary, depending on your type of clay), I painted them with terracotta color. I also added some aged look to them.

Then I added some air dry clay inside the pots.

Since my air dry clay wasn’t brown, I painted it brown.

Then I sprinkled some tea leaves for the look of dirt.

Now it’s time to plant! I just stuck in some fake plants into the pots.

To make the big topiaries, I used some super light weight air dry clay, and shaped it into a giant cones.  I used a clay tool (don’t know what this one is called, but anything like this works!) and scraped the surface and made some texture on the surface before the clay was completely dry.

Once the topiary was shaped, I painted them green, and sprinkled lots of flack (aka turf powder) all over them before paint dried.

That’s it!  It actually turned out exactly how I wanted them.  Yay!


I do have the original topiary tutorial post here, if you are interested.

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