the new “cozy cottage starter home” review


Hi, there!  Last week in Japan, Epoch released some new SF products! I’m going to be doing reviews on them in the next little while, since I’ve finally obtained mine! Hooray! (Please don’t mind my son’s crazy ocean wall in the background….it was the brightest room in the house. lol)

For starters, let’s look at the new version of “cozy cottage starter home”!!

Tada~! It’s such a beautiful house!!

It might look pretty similar at first…but it is quite different from its predecessor. Here, I took a photo of the two houses side by side.  If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the details.  Although it is a slight difference, the wall color is less yellow in the new version, and I really like this change.  I think if I had to choose one, I’d take the new one, just because it’s more elegant and detailed.

Alright, now here are the photos of the house in different angles.

Aside from the house itself, these are the parts and other goodies that came in a box.

Oooh, what a beautiful window! look at the details!!



The front windows on the 1st floor are detachable.  The shutters also come off if you prefer that look.  These windows are interchangeable with the town series windows, by the way!


And this is the door! You can even deliver mail and newspapers!

Alright, let’s go inside…  This is the first floor.

This is the close up of the kitchen sink, if anyone is interested.

To the upstairs!


The stairs are different looking too.  No more ladders!

Welcome to the 2nd floor!

This is the view of the balcony on the 2nd floor.  I really adore all the details this cottage has everywhere!

What I love about the 2nd floor is that it has crown moldings.  If you install wallpapers here, the room will look gorgeous!

And also, these triangle attic walls no longer have strange connecting bumps, which means, less painful wallpapering!

Just like older versions of cozy cottage, the 2nd floor piece will come off, and you can make a room like this.

This is the back side of the floor piece.

Both 1st and 2nd floors have places for ceiling lights.

That’s it for the cozy cottage! Stay tuned for the other reviews! 😉


flower baskets for street lights


Hola! It’s been really hot in Salt Lake City. However, I love summer….it’s the only season I don’t have to suffer from allergies. lol

I’m sure you Sylvanian Families fans have already seen the street lights that came out in Japan back in April.  They are super versatile and gorgeous! Once they’re out in your country (I’m guessing probably next year?), I highly recommend getting a few of them for your town. 🙂

The lights don’t come with any flowers, but these flower baskets are actually pretty easy to add on your own.  These baskets were one of my favorites in my toy show diorama!


For the attachment, I used a black wire.  As you can see in the photo below, I just tightly wrapped it around the little part that was sticking out.

You can make your own miniature flowers if you’re into that sort of thing, but if you’re not, you can get some silk flowers from the store to assemble a basket.  You’ll just have to cut off the flower parts and use them.

Me, I didn’t have time to make clay flowers for this, so I gathered different flower parts, and glued them one by one to make a ball shape.  You don’t actually have to make “a basket” because they are usually completely hidden in the flowers.

Once you have a flower ball made, just hot glue the bottom of the wire you just attached to the street light, and you’re done!

I wanted to do banners on some of the street lights for the toy show, but I didn’t have enough time. 🙁  Maybe next time I make a town of my own, I will. 🙂


bronze statue



Howdy! Today’s post is about a statue of the first mayor of Humpty Town yup, you guessed it! Humpty Dumpty!

I can’t imagine anyone needing a statue of Humpty Dumpty, but this tutorial might help someone thinking of making a statue with a pedestal for their own SF town.

First, grab some aluminum foil to save some clay.  Make an egg shape with it.

Wrap the aluminum foil egg with oven bake polymer clay.

Redefine the shape and smooth out the surface.

Carve out the details on the egg.  Bake the clay (or air dry, if that’s the type of clay you are using.)  This Humpty Dumpty is my original design. 🙂  I tried to make his eyes resemble my Sylvanian dolls’ so that he will blend in better in my town.

Add arms, legs and a hat.  Bake again.  Once the clay is hardened, you can paint it bronze, or any other color you’d like with some acrylic paint.

The plaque was a bit difficult to carve out.  I made it with clay, and carefully carved out the letters.  I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, I just haven’t figured it out. lol

Just like the statue, paint over the plaque once it’s done.

I mostly used foam boards to make the pedestal.

I also used a bit of paper clay to fill in the gaps.

For fine molding lines, I used strips of card stock.

Once you paint the whole thing in one color, it really doesn’t matter if you used multiple media or not.