Mimi’s adventure in Tokyo Part 1/3 (International Tokyo Toy Show 2017)


Hello, hello!  I’m back from Tokyo!  The jet lag has subsided, I’m feeling rejuvenated, and I’m ready to type!

Since there are SO MANY pictures and SO MUCH to write about, I’m going to separate my report into 3 sections.

I’m going to start with the main purpose of my trip, the International Tokyo Toy Show 2017, which was held at the Tokyo Big Sight – Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

It was a BLAST! I got to see first hand, just how much Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters) are really loved by people; surpassing generations, gender, and nationality!!  I was very honored to be able to spend time with people at Epoch during the show, and have learned that everyone at Epoch loves Sylvanian Families more than we can ever imagine.  There’s a lot that goes into their products, and they’re not making “just another trendy toy,” they’re making something that will always be part of many of our lives forever.  There were tons of toy companies at the show, but Epoch’s booth had a very different, clam, and joyful atmosphere with the toys that are made with love and pride, with people that absolutely love what they do.

As expected, the show was very crowded, but it was super exciting to be a part of.  I’m going to show you photos of SF booth in this post.  (You won’t see many people in the photos because I took them before the show started, FYI.)

The Sylvanian Families Town Series won the award of excellence in girls’ toy category! Hooray!!

As usual, the Epoch booth had a gigantic diorama upfront, half of it being the town scenery, and the other half, village and ocean.  There were a few gimmicks, which made this diorama very exciting to look at; things like a moving tram, dolls that rocked back-and-forth, as well as some revolving doors.  My favorite was a little TV, which showed a cute SF animation that you could watch.  (Sorry, I totally forgot to shoot a video of it!)


At the center of the booth, was a play area for kids, which was constantly full with little kids.  I thought that the SF play mat on the table was super cute!

There also was a night scene diorama in a showcase.  I shot a video of this one, so check it out!

Night Scene Diorama

On public days, there were a couple of photo booths for the visitors where they could stand and get their photo taken with life sized(?) Calico Critters!.  I was totally in love with the little sofa! <3


Outside of the photo booths was a place to stand and get a photo taken with some of our favorite Sylvanians.  Apparently, the big sister Toy Poodle was there too, but in spite of being there for four days straight, I missed her! Garrr.


Here are some photos of some of the upcoming houses. You can combine the starter house and a big town house in a lot of different ways to enjoy a variety of formations.  The town house also has wall lights, which look very, very beautiful when lit.


Oh, they also had the furniture that will come out in Japan pretty soon! They’re all much more detailed than previous products, and gorgeous! They told me you can change the upholstery of the chairs of the living room set.


A cute little diorama! I think this set up is pretty clever for photo shooting!

They also had prototypes of new dolls out on the public days, though photos were not allowed in that area.  As far as I can remember, there were Pomeranian dogs, Papillon dogs, sloths, tigers, alpacas, horses, river otters, and sunflower rabbits.  My favorites were horses (VERY COOL LOOKING), alpacas (CUTE!), and sloth (DIFFERENT!!).  Personally, I’ve always felt strange to have horses as livestock in peaceful Sylvania, so it was cool to see that they were considering making horse characters too. 🙂

Tomorrow’s post will be about my diorama and the cute little Sylvanians that came and visited it.


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  1. Hello! I knew your post-travel posts were up (and now even more too, you’ve been a busy blogger!), but I wanted to wait until I had time to give the entries their rightful attention. Thank you so much for sharing stories and images from your adventure, and they are fantastic! The video of the scenes in action was so charming. I think I had one SF figurine when I was growing up (the Babblebrook dad, which my mom let me pick out at the toy store for being good), and I never knew until a couple of years ago that such a wide and wonderful world of them, as well as kindhearted keepers and enthusiasts, existed. Your posts have been a rare treat, and it is neat to see what new things Epoch has in store, as well as how much they care for the brand and its fans. Thank you!

    1. Hey, Liz! Oh yeah, I have to write you an e-mail!! I’ll get to it! XD
      Yup, I had enough stock of articles up to now. But now I’m just about out, so trying to get back to crafting again. Hahaha. I’m not very good at keeping up with my plan, so that’s definitely one of my goals of 2017.
      Yeah, it was really eye opening to meet all those people who love SF at the show. I had so much fun talking to everyone! (Although I’m the anti-social one among my family. lol)
      And Epoch is definitely working hard to keep up with our demands. It was a great experience as a fan to be able to hang out with them and see what goes on inside. 😉

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all the details of your experience. I love knowing that everyone at Epoch loves Sylvanians like we do!

    1. I wish could have taken better photos! I think I’m going to learn about photo shooting this summer. lol

      Yes, we sometimes get blinded by how much we love SF, but Epoch definitely loves their products whole a lot, if not more than us!

  3. omg u’re so lucky 😍
    anyway i’m really excited to see the detailed furnitures but worry at the same times,maybe they will be more expensive 😭

    can’t wait for your next post 😆😆😆

    1. Hehe, I know!
      Nope, as far as I could tell, the prices were just the same. They’re definitely worth buying!!

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