Mimi’s adventure in Tokyo Part 3/3 (SF Shopping)

Phew, this is the last part of my adventure report…SHOPPING!

You might be surprised, but this was actually my first time ever shopping for Sylvanian Families in Japan! I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was!!

Before I start mumbling about SF shopping destinations in Tokyo, I have to let you know that although Epoch set aside whole a lot of free time for me to roam around Tokyo, my craft addiction just had to be satisfied, and I ended up spending much of my free time adding things to my diorama.  So I only had time to visit 3 SF locations out of 5 which are located around Tokyo.  Forgive me! I just had to craft!! >.<


<Sylvanian Kitchen at lala port tokyo bay>

The first SF location I visited was Sylvanian Kitchen at Lala port Tokyo-Bay location in Chiba prefecture, which is a neighboring state of Tokyo.  Although it is in Chiba, it was about 30 min train ride from Tokyo.  Tokyo Disney land was actually along the way to this restaurant, and I could see it right in front of me from the train. (Of course, I had zero interest in Disneyland… I really only cared about Sylvanian Families…true story. lol)

This is the front view of the restaurant.  The chef chocolate rabbit welcomes you warmly.  I also spotted a chocolate rabbit boy waving at me on the balcony.


A part of this restaurant is a SF shop, and you can find SF items from around the world, including many discontinued items.  You can just go to the shop part of this place without eating here, if you don’t have the time.


This is the main menu.  You choose one main menu, and sides and drinks are buffet style at these restaurants.  The quality of food was pretty good, I thought!  I found all the food kids love to eat, too!  I was told that this restaurant gets pretty crowded during the day with families with kids, and becomes less crowded at night.  In Japan, most restaurants have a life-size, plastic display, of what the food will look like after you order it, to help customers decide what they want to order. I wanted to explain what you’re looking at in the picture below, in case you were unaware of that. 😀

The drink bar had super cute writings on the buttons..for example, for the oolong tea, it says “even bears are drinking it,” and for orange juice, it says, “Fielding Mouse girl loves it.”

This is a picture of the inside of the restaurant.  This location in particular is geared towards little kids, and the spaces between tables are pretty wide, allowing little kids to walk around rather freely.  From the little house with a TV on the wall, chocolate rabbit girl will come out to do meet and greet at set times.

Cute high chair!!

Throughout the shop area and eating area, there are lots and lots of SF decorations!




<Sylvanian Families Shop /Master Piece at Venus Fort>

Sylvanian Families Shop/Master Piece at Venus Fort Mall is one of the two SF shop locations in Tokyo.  It is only one train station away (or about 25 min walk) from Tokyo Big Sight, where the Toy Show is usually held every year.   They sell SF items from around the world just like at the Sylvanian Kitchens.


I got some SF goodies! I’m saving these for a giveaway I want to do sometime in the future. 😉


The special thing about the SF shops (not Sylvanian Kitechens) is that they have stamp cards for your purchases, and when you have enough points, you can get “Momoiro (Peach color) rabbits.” These rabbits are only obtainable this way, and probably one of the hardest and most expensive Sylvanians to collect.  I got this little girl only because I was super shopaholic, and also this particular location was doing the limited time “rainy day point boosts” (yes, it was raining when I went.)



<Sylvanian Kitchen at Yokohama World Porters>

This Sylvanian Kitchen at Yokohama World Porters is a bit away from Tokyo, about 45 min train ride.  It is in a very urban but beautiful location by the ocean.


The size of this restaurant is about the same as the Lala Port location, but I was told that this location is designed more toward teenagers and young adults.  It did have a bit more hip feel to the inside decor, I think.  The menu is exactly the same as Lala port location.

What makes this location worth your visit is the exclusive “Shiokaze (Sea Breeze) Rabbit Family” sold only in Yokohama (well, except that they do have an online shop for people in Japan).


If you’re lucky, chocolate rabbit will meet and greet with you here as well.

This is what the shop area looks like.

Cute SF decorations everywhere!




All locations have SF capsule toy clank machines.  The prices vary on the type of machine, but they’re usually 200 yen or 300 yen each try. You get one capsule per try, and they have miniature SF items. (A miniature of miniatures! Hahaha)


Sylvanian Kitchens sell exclusive “Chef & Waitress” doll sets.

It’s also good to note that every SF related store carry different items as far as their inventory is concerned.  I shopped A LOT at each location because I kept finding things I didn’t see in other locations…


Well, that’s it for my Tokyo report! I hope you could feel the glimpse of the excitement I felt there, and thank you so much for your support and cheers!
You fellow Sylvanians mean so much to me, and I very much appreciate your fellowship! It was so much fun reading your comments here and on SNSs while I was there.  🙂



7 Replies to “Mimi’s adventure in Tokyo Part 3/3 (SF Shopping)”

  1. I’ve been reading all yours posts with eyes sparkling, holding my breath 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing the excitement with us! You’ve made me want to visit Japan. Maybe one day when I’m rich, I’ll be able to go by boat, to avoid the scary planes 🙂

    Your diorama was simply amazing. It’s hard to believe you’ve made in all by yourself, in just a month! You are so incredibly talented – words fail me, honestly. You are my Sylvanian role-model 😉

    Do you ever travel to Europe? You should think of organizing some Sylvanian workshops, I’d gladly spend a big bunch of my savings on something like that.

    1. Hahaha, nice!! Glad you could enjoy my report. 🙂 You definitely should visit Japan! Planes are totally safe, much safer than cars, you know…but I’m sure you can understand logically… your mind just won’t accept it, right? For the love of Sylvanians, I hope you can overcome your fear someday!!

      Looking back at the whole experience in Japan, it really feels like it was just a big long super awesome dream…I don’t even know how I made that gigantic diorama…lol

      I actually have never been to Europe. I really want to visit all the countries there, it would be so much fun!! I love traveling and experiencing different cultures!! I will work hard and get my skills up…maybe one day I can pay visits to European SF lovers. hehehe

  2. It was a magical trip and thanks to you we all shared the excitement! I still can’t get over your excellent work on the diorama! It was a wonderful life experience, I am happy for you!

    1. Glad I was able to share some of the fun I had! It was truly magical!!
      I’m so happy that you liked my diorama that much!! It means A LOT!!!

  3. Wow! You have just written what would be my dream holiday! Well plus the Grinpa park.

    Congratulations on your Momoiro rabbit girl, she is beautiful!
    Thank you so much for these photos & the well written description of places, it’s almost like being there myself!

    Do you hope or plan to go to the Tokyo Toy fair again next year?

    1. Haha, I know! It was totally my dream come true!! I wanted to go to Grinpa as well, but it was a bit too far.

      Thank, thank you! I wasn’t expecting to be able to obtain momoriro girl, but thanks to the rain, I did! It was a great surprise for sure!!

      You know, I would love to participate again, but I have no idea how it will be next year. I think the booths always need an element of surprise each year, and I’m not sure if me being there again would be good enough for Epoch’s reputation.

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