As the summer approaches, Petunias are probably going to come in handy to decorate your miniature town.  I’m planning on using a lot of them to go with the new Sylvanian Town series as they make good hanging baskets.

To make petunias (or surfinias), first prepare the right color of clay.  For burgundy petunias, I made these colors in the photo below.

For this particular color, I had to make a gradation effect for the petals.  To make gradation colors with your clay, please refer to this page.

Leaving some of the dark color clay for the bottom of the flowers, make a shape like this.  The gradation clay will come in the middle.

Many petunias have petals with dark lines in the middle.  I added a thin sliver of dark clay in between the cut parts. Shape it into more petal like shape.

Push all sides of the clay and start making it into a log (or a cane, as it’s often called).

Once the cane is small enough (about 2mm thick), slice off one end to see if it looks like a petal.

If your cane looks ready, slice off 5 pieces, about 0.5mm thick each.

With a tip of a toothpick, roll out the petals.

Place the petals slightly overlapping with one another like the photo below.  Press gently on them so that they will stick.

Make a tiny ball with the leftover dark clay, about 1.5mm in diameter.

Place the ball on the bottom of the petals.

Wrap the petals around the ball.

Press the area of the ball from outside of the petals to form the flower shape like the photo below.

Take a very small amount of light green clay and stick it in the middle of the flower.

Adjust the petals with a tooth pick, and you’re done with the flower.

I started making the leaves for the petunias, but then realized I didn’t have the patience to make hundreds of them, so I ended up just using fake green leaves from the store.  I know they look nothing like the petunia leaves, but oh well…

As far as I think, more the merrier when it comes to petunias.  They should look better if they were planted in bigger container with more flowers.  I’m looking forward to making hanging baskets with them.


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  1. could you please tell me which clay colours you used for the flowers. they turned out so pretty.

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