Florist’s Bucket

Today’s craft is something I made earlier this year.

When I was asked to submit some of my photos for the SF collection book, I realized I didn’t have any photos of my flower show in focus! lol  So I ended up remaking the flower shop.

And what is a flower shop without a row or two of these tall buckets?  Fortunately, I remembered I could use a card stock to make bunch of them rather quickly.

First, make a pattern on card stock paper so that you can easily copy the same shape, to make duplicates of the buckets. You want to draw something like below.

The circle shape is actually a piece I cut out from a foam board.  This piece can be substituted with paper though, if you don’t have foam board.

Glue the strip onto the edge of the paper.

With your hand, roll up the paper so it retains the shape somewhat.  Glue on the circle piece like the photo below.  It’s easier to use a low-temp hot glue gun for this part.  Continue gluing on the circle piece along the edge.

Once both sides of the paper meet, glue them on together.  Now it’s shaped like a bucket!

For the handles, grab a 20 gauge wire, and bend the end like below.

Cut the piece off.

Bend both ends of the wire at about 3mm from the end.

Drop a bit of hot glue on the area you want to attach the handle, and quickly dip in  the handle in the glue.  Now the next part is a bit tricky.  As soon as you dip the handle in the hot glue, place your finger on top of it and count to 10.  You must be using a low-temp glue gun to be doing this, and make sure that the the glue gun hasn’t been on for so long that the melted glue inside is burning hot.  If you are worried about hurting yourself, instead of your finger, use some sort of silicone object.  It will work just fine.  Basically, push down the melted glue and wire until the glue is solid. This just makes it so that the glued part doesn’t look so bunched up.

At last, go ahead and paint the bucket whatever color you like.  I like using liquid silver leaf to make it a bit more metallic than regular silver paint.  Once the paint is dry, your bucket is ready for some flowers.