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Howdy! Today’s post is about a statue of the first mayor of Humpty Town yup, you guessed it! Humpty Dumpty!

I can’t imagine anyone needing a statue of Humpty Dumpty, but this tutorial might help someone thinking of making a statue with a pedestal for their own SF town.

First, grab some aluminum foil to save some clay.  Make an egg shape with it.

Wrap the aluminum foil egg with oven bake polymer clay.

Redefine the shape and smooth out the surface.

Carve out the details on the egg.  Bake the clay (or air dry, if that’s the type of clay you are using.)  This Humpty Dumpty is my original design. 🙂  I tried to make his eyes resemble my Sylvanian dolls’ so that he will blend in better in my town.

Add arms, legs and a hat.  Bake again.  Once the clay is hardened, you can paint it bronze, or any other color you’d like with some acrylic paint.

The plaque was a bit difficult to carve out.  I made it with clay, and carefully carved out the letters.  I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, I just haven’t figured it out. lol

Just like the statue, paint over the plaque once it’s done.

I mostly used foam boards to make the pedestal.

I also used a bit of paper clay to fill in the gaps.

For fine molding lines, I used strips of card stock.

Once you paint the whole thing in one color, it really doesn’t matter if you used multiple media or not.




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