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Hi, Sylvanian Families fans! How are your summer/winter going? Here in Salt Lake City, it’s sooo hot! I’m just happy that my AC works. lol

This might be a bit too late for the people in northern hemisphere for this year, but I have finally finished my beach town diorama, so I can start delivering tutorials on summery scenes. Initially, I was going to make this diorama in a week or so, but it hasn’t been very easy with my son on summer break etc etc. lol  But because I was going to make it in a week, the methods I used for each part of this diorama are far less complicated/time consuming than my old beach diorama I did 2 years ago.  You might see the difference in the quality especially in the ocean, but I think this is good enough for personal usage.

I’m going to just introduce the diorama today, and will start writing the tutorials, so I hope you’re excited!

Well….here it is!!

I designed this diorama to fit right on top of my wardrobe.

Let’s take a closer look on each sections.

This is the hill with a light house on top.  I got this light house as a thank you for participating in the SF collection book. 🙂  It’s super duper cute inside, and my son and I are so in love with it!!  I really hope it comes out in the US soon, too.

If you come down the hill, you’ll get to this beach area.  It’s fairly small, but it’s big enough for some fun photos.


On the boardwalk, are some shops.  Since the SF seaside series is pretty colorful, I kind of pictured the good old American west coast beach town style.

You know how some beach towns have small amusement rides, right? I made that area, using a seaside merry-go-round.

And this is the other end of the diorama.  I tried to fit most of my beach and ocean related shops in this diorama, so it will serve as a storage, too. 😉

A little beach-y bench made with some beach wood.


Aha! Captain Sea Dog was spotted hiding his treasure!

The lights at night are pretty relaxing, too.

That’s it for now! See you on Friday!


6 Replies to “Beach Town Diorama”

  1. This is my favorite of all your dioramas so far because it just has such a cool beach vibe, and it is exactly how I pictured a diorama for the Seaside series. Is there anything you can’t do, lol!
    The boardwalk is the perfect setting for the shops and the beach is just darling and perfect Sylvanian size. As for the lighthouse cliff – I am beyond words!
    I think the water looks stunning. I honestly don’t see any quality differences to the earlier beach tutorial but maybe it’s because I can’t compare them side by side.
    Did you make the palm trees too?

    1. Nice, thanks for liking this diorama so much! I do love the feel it has as well. It’s very appropriate for this time of year. I’m not doing intensive Halloween stuff this fall, so I hope you’ll stick around for other dioramas that are coming up! lol
      The quality of the water is definitely not as good as I wanted it to be, but I wouldn’t say it’s worse than the last beach I made. It just not good enough, that’s all. It’s still pretty good since it kind of has that plastic-y look that goes well with SF items.
      Yes, I did make the palm trees. The leaves were the hardest to figure out of all the things on this diorama. I’m still not very happy with it, but I will give my thoughts a rest till next summer, lol!!

  2. Amazing! You inspire me. I am excited to see how you did the beach sand and the water in the diorama. I am totally impressed!

    1. Yay! Thanks a lot! It’s really a quickly made easy diorama, so I hope you can find lots of things you want to try! 😀

  3. Omg omg 😍 so amazing as always !
    i look for your site everyday,u made amazing dioramas..while me still confused how to start my diorama,idk where to start 😂

    thanks for all of your amazing work ! i really enjoy it💕💕

    1. Thank you so much! Well, where to start…hmm, that really depends on what you have and what you like. I think my first one ever was a green flat ground with a river and a pond. It’s always a good start! 😉

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