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You know, I’m just curious…but does your country have easy and affordable access to resin?  Here in the US, it’s not that bad, I guess.  But I think it’s ridiculously expensive in Japan.  It could be because they mainly sell UV cure resin, but still!  To cope with everyone’s different resin situations, I tried to make this ocean water using as little resin as possible.


After the beach sand is completely dry, I painted the water area with turquoise acrylic paint.

After drying the paint, I thinly spread resin over the painted area.  It really helps do to this with a disposable paint brush, by the way.

Wait for the resin to cure completely.

I am so not a fan of fast curing resin these days, due to the horrible yellowing that is pretty much inevitable.  So I used Hi-temp hot glue to create waves.  If you read my blog articles regularly, you probably know this already, but even though the surface of hot glue will turn opaque as it cools down, if you coat it with resin afterwards, it will go back to clear.

The waves of the shore line are also hot glue.   For more detailed wave making, it might still help you to read my old beach article.

I painted over the bubbly part of the big waves white with acrylic paint.

Once again, coat the entire water area with a very thin layer of resin, and your ocean water area is finished.



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  1. Great tutorial! It’s brilliant to have one that uses so little resin = very economical and user friendly. I enjoy all these many variations of techniques you give your readers, Mimi. I love the feeling of crafting empowerment it gives me to learn more than one way to do water. This variation really photographs well. How the light plays like sun sparkles on the water on a bright summer day. [ I also love the way the blue glue gun comes up onto the beach like a James Bond-y car!] Thanks for the tips to avoid materials that yellow.

      1. Hi Piffs! Nice to see you too. I just took a look at your awesome waterfall diorama on your blog – congrats! It came out wonderfully and it’s amazing to know that this was your first go at a complex water diorama. So inspiring to see how well you put some of Mimi’s tutorials (plus others) to work for you to make your masterpiece and some tutorials of your own. Great tutorials make crafting so much fun.

    1. Thanks! I do try my best to improve on my old ideas. It’s not the easiest to come up with something that uses common materials for everyone around the globe. (You’ll be surprised how many countries I get accesses from!)
      LOL my blue glue gun finally retired after so much abuse…now I have an ugly white one…no other choice in stores nearby…sigh…
      As for the yellowing resin issue, I’ve obtained some resin from a brand called “art resin” and trying it out as we speak. It’s supposed to not yellow. It was a bit pricey but I thought it was something I needed to try for the current project I’m working on. I’ll let you know how it goes!

      1. Thanks for experimenting. It must be frustrating to spend hours carefully tinting base coats and so on to get the water the right color, only to have resins go yellow on you. Until you mentioned it I had no idea this could be a problem later on. I hope none of your Humpty Town fountains yellowed.

        1. Haha, indeed they turned yellow, although there are difference in degrees. Fast curing ones are evil! I still use slow cure (24hr) one often, because they are the cheapest, and don’t yellow too much. I can use that for river water etc, when the bottom in already yellow tinted. For fountains though, it bugs me a lot if my resin turns even slightly yellow, so I am really really really (lol) counting on ArtResin.

  2. Mimi I just wanted to thank you so much for these awesome tutorials. You have inspired me several times in the past and I just wanted to let you know. I used your previous tutorial to make this diorama for the Secret Island Playhouse.


    I would like to do something as big as this scene but not sure I have the space. The next diorama I am hoping to do is a snow scene with a log cabin but we will see….

    x Piffle

    1. Hi, there! I really liked your grotto! That’s exactly how I imagined the playhouse should be put in a scene! Fun, fun fun!

      Yeah, I don’t really have a lot of space in my apartment either. With 3 cats wanting to destroy my town, I keep everything hidden and up the shelves. It’s definitely not a very nice design for the room, but I guess at least I can consider this a temporary situation.
      Let me know when you make a snow scene! I’m sure you’ll make something wonderful again!

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