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Hola! I know we’re still in a middle of my beach town diorama tutorials, but aren’t you a bit tired of beach-y stuff yet?  Well, I am!  So today, we take a little break from all that blue stuff, and look at something fun for both you and your kids.

Have you ever heard of  “Aquabeads“?  They’re kind of like iron beads kids like to make cool things with, except you don’t need to use iron, you just need water for the beads to stick together. I didn’t realize it until recently, but it’s made by Epoch! XD

In the US, many retailers carry Aquabeads, along with other knockoff brands.  In Japan, you can get whole a lot of themed sets.  My son and I have been playing with Aquabeads for a few years now, it’s a safer and prettier alternative to iron beads.

Inside this particular, SF set, there are enough beads to make all  the items on the box.

My son likes to make Mario characters and cute animals. 🙂

It’s summer break right now, and I spend a lot of time playing with my son.  Aquabeads really helps, because we both have fun doing it.  Our recent favorite is making our original sea creatures with them.

Sitting next to him, I made my SF ones.  I like using tweezers for placing beads, but the set does have a special pen for it.

Once we were done with placing the beads, we sprinkled some water all over them.

Let the excess water drip out, and we waited for the beads to dry….

Awww, how cute!  This is such a fun and creative toy, and we love it!

SF set also comes with 3 stands for the characters.

What we usually do with our creations is we glue on magnets on the backs, and have fun creating scenes with them on the fridge.

*My niece drew me a sketch of her SF clothing ideas. 🙂

Aquabeads have many types of beads including see though “gem beads.” They look so pretty by the window.  (Don’t mind the dirty window…lol)

Another thing I made is a mobile.

I used 3 popsicle sticks.

I hot glued them to make a triangle like this.

And dangled my creations using a fine fishing wire!

Pretty darn cute, I say!


4 Replies to “Aquabeads – Sylvanian Families Box”

  1. What fun! Sometimes we make cute things from kits but then don’t know what to do with them and they end up in a drawer. My go-to solution has been to make them into Christmas tree ornaments but then we only get to see them once a year. The fridge magnet idea is brilliant and the Sylvanians, who love to eat well judging from all their restaurants and food accessories, look so happy guarding the chilled munchies.
    Will have to try this SF aquabead kit – our fridge needs those magnets too!

    1. oh! I like your Christmas ornaments idea!! I might try that this year. 🙂
      Aquabeads are pretty fun, and I like the bright colors a lot. I think they turn out prettier than other brands.

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