beach-y fence


Howdy! Today’s post is on how I made and decorated my boardwalk’s beach-y fence.

The style of the fence itself is pretty simple, I just made pieces with balsa wood, and hot glued them together.

I wanted to make sure my Sylvanians could go down to the beach from the boardwalk, so I made a staircase for that, too.

I found a string of mini lights on a rope at Michaels (a craft supply chain here in the US), so I designed the fence around that.

I tried a few different ways to tie the rope on the fence, but this is my favorite style.  I can’t really explain how I made  these knots though…I just made it up. lol

I also hot glued some tiny sea shells on the rope.  I got these at Michaels as well.

Oh yeah, I got these beach wood pieces at HobbyLobby, too.  I decided to make a super easy bench with them.

**If you’re wondering about craft supply stores in the US, we have pretty large chains like HobbyLobby, Michaels, and Jo-Ann. I also check craft supply isles at Target and Walmart every now and then.

I just hot glued them together! It took less than a minute to assemble! 🙂

I think the fence turned out pretty beach-y!