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Howdy! Today’s post is on how I made and decorated my boardwalk’s beach-y fence.

The style of the fence itself is pretty simple, I just made pieces with balsa wood, and hot glued them together.

I wanted to make sure my Sylvanians could go down to the beach from the boardwalk, so I made a staircase for that, too.

I found a string of mini lights on a rope at Michaels (a craft supply chain here in the US), so I designed the fence around that.

I tried a few different ways to tie the rope on the fence, but this is my favorite style.  I can’t really explain how I made  these knots though…I just made it up. lol

I also hot glued some tiny sea shells on the rope.  I got these at Michaels as well.

Oh yeah, I got these beach wood pieces at HobbyLobby, too.  I decided to make a super easy bench with them.

**If you’re wondering about craft supply stores in the US, we have pretty large chains like HobbyLobby, Michaels, and Jo-Ann. I also check craft supply isles at Target and Walmart every now and then.

I just hot glued them together! It took less than a minute to assemble! 🙂

I think the fence turned out pretty beach-y!


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  1. Great find on the twinkly lights and thanks for telling us where to find them. My mom loves them too so maybe I can get her to buy some with her money! Funny that you used good old trusty glue gun for putting the wooden rail together. We always imagine some fancy, high-tech wood glue or something!

    1. Ooh, your mom and I can be best friends! lol They’re part of the beach themed fairy garden miniatures, and last week they were 70% off or something.
      LOL I like using cheap and common items for my crafts rather than expensive professional stuff. I don’t really consider myself an artist…I just like crafting A LOT!

  2. Love those stairs – they and the boardwalk look just like the ones we have in South Carolina too. Nostalgia attack. (:
    I see what you mean( in a reply in the boardwalk tutorial) about not being able to see the foamboard support structure, no one can tell what’s down there in the back, hee hee gleefully.
    How pretty the water detail is around the pier pilings making it look like they each sink down into the water. It got me thinking you had put the water in after the pier, so I went back and re-read your water tutorial but no, it was water first. Did you add some sort of detailing with the glue gun to get those lovely ripples and wavelets?

    1. Ah, I just put lots of hot glue around the pilings when I placed them on top of the ocean water, kind of making the glue look like ripples or something. I could have done it before I made the ocean water, but it’s too much thinking ahead of time for me! lol

  3. Love the rope and seashell details too. The twinkle lights are the perfect touch. Michaels and Hobby Lobby are two of my favorite stores. The weekly coupon helps as everything is overpriced. I am learning so much from your blog and I look forward to your posts as well.
    Thank you for keeping us all inspired.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t overprice it all to make up for the coupon which everyone uses! XD

    2. Hehehe, they’re my favorite, too! I can spend hours at those places. I can’t wait for my son to go back to school, then I can go there straight after I drop him off…lol!!!
      But yeah, I’m not a fan of their prices and coupon systems either…bleh!

  4. I love the fairy light fence! This is such a lovely craft. Your dioramas always inspire me so much and I cannot think of a better way to wake up in the morning than with a notification of another lovely post from your Sylvanian village!

    1. Thank you so much! Michaels has been selling lots of fairy garden items this year, and I like it a lot! 🙂

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