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Hey there, SF lovers!  Do you own this seaside merry-go-round?  It’s adorable, and really fun for the kids, and not to mention, the fish and whale come off for fun little trip in the ocean for the SF babies!  In the US, this merry-go-round is usually on sale at a pretty good price.  I personally think it’s a great buy!

HOWEVER, haven’t you wondered what to do with it once you owned it?! I know my son can play with it like crazy, but as an adult SF fan, how do I incorporate it on my diorama? It’s a bit strange to just place it on a beach, at least in my opinion…

So, when I thought of making a beach town diorama, I was glad that my dilemma was resolved.  Many beach towns have small amusement parks on the side!

To make this merry-go-round more “amusement ride like,” I added a fence and lights around it.  What do you think?

A bit retro, but a fun little ride for the babies! Let’s see how I made this upgrade.

I used foam board for the base and the fence.  Very typical, but I made the fence wave shape.

After hot gluing the fences up, I glued on some ocean themes charms I’ve been collecting over the last few years.

I painted the base and the fence in wavy gradation with acrylic paint, then I glued on some wooden sea stars I found at a dollar(100 yen) store in Tokyo.

Just recently I found this tape string lights at Michaels.  It was for Halloween, but I thought it would be perfect for this ride fence.

I bunched up extra lights under the rides.

I painted the areas of the tape lights to blend in with the background afterwards.  This is how it looks in the dark.

Nostalgic, don’t you think?


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  1. I love it, Mimi! Thanks for the tutorial. I hope I can make it. Is it OK to copy the design? I figured it was because you give a tutorial for it but I wanted to make sure first.

    1. Oh, I’d also like to know that too. Are your designs exclusive or are we welcome to copy the tutorial exactly for personal use even if we end up with a beach town which looks just like yours? I perfectly understand if you prefer us to make changes so that your own town remains unique.

      1. As I told Bushytail in my reply, copying exactly the same doesn’t feel right to me, unless your stating that you’ve copied. For personal usage, I don’t really have a problem with that, because I won’t know about it. lol Copying the beach town exactly the same would be a very strange thing, and I have never seen anyone do such a thing, because usually everyone has got their own imagination and styles that they want to incorporate. It would be very boring to create the copy of such a big thing, in my opinion. Where’s the fun in that? 😉

    2. Yay! Glad you like it! Usually I expect people to make things of their own design or at least add their own twist, I’m merely showing an idea of mine as far as the designs are concerned. But in many cases I do see people trying to copy exactly, and I’m mostly okay with that too, as it’s rather hard to copy exactly anyway. I do, however, expect people to give me a credit, if they’re copying and posting it on the web or SNS. It’s silly, but a little credit makes a world of difference in how your post is received. With a credit, “wow, thank you so much!” and without a credit, it’s kind of like, “why, oh, why did you steal it?!” Of course if you’re just enjoying crafting for your own enjoyment, I have zero problem with you copying. 🙂

      1. Thanks for explaining. I was confused because with other types of tutorials, such as a recipe, the writer puts the tutorial out there for us to follow exactly so that we can try and get it as close as possible to the original. I’m glad I asked because I was going to follow your tutorial as exactly as possible to try and make a little thing like this for the amusement ride. Of course it wouldn’t have come out anywhere as good though anyway!

        1. Aye, no problem! This is how I understand following tutorials, “follow the science exactly, but trust your own artistic senses.” Cooking and crafts alike, they both have two elements in tutorials usually; science and art. If you don’t follow the science part carefully, you might end up with entirely different outcome. So the science would be the amount of ingredients/materials and technique. The art part is the presentation of the food or the design of the crafts. If it’s enjoyed in private, there would be no problem at all. If shared in public with the source, it’s not a problem, either. The only time it’s a problem is when you copy the art and share it in public without stating the source, or sharing the science in public without giving the proper credit to the original.

          So in my opinion, crafting isn’t that different from cooking. You can look at the cook book and enjoy the same food all you want. You just can’t publish your won cookbook with exactly the same dish and photo saying it’s your own. 😉

    1. Haha, thanks! Those lights were at Michaels here, but I’m sure you can substitute with other kind of lights.

  2. Super cool and so awesomely retro! Especially lit up at night with those awesome tape lights. What a great idea to tuck the extra lights under the water.
    I love it, Mimi! It makes me want to throw on a poodle skirt and sweater and head over to the malt shop for a coke float!

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