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Hello, peoples! What do you like to do when you go to the beach? I’m not a very good swimmer, so I mainly look for cool seashells on the beach.

I think my SF babies like to make sand sculptures!

One afternoon, my son and I were so bored out of our minds,  we decided to make some fun sand sculptures for my beach.  We made the base shapes using polymer clay.

I made my mermaid tail so that babies can fit right in.

Once the clay hardened, I coated the surface with some glue.

Then I covered it with sand.

My son made a sand castle and a sea turtle.

Once the sand is hardened, I took a brush and drew details on the sculpture with some glue.

Then I sprinkled some sand over the glue.

Finally, I lightly sprinkled lighter colored sand over to mimic the dry sand on the sculpture, and let the whole thing dry.

This way, these sand sculptures are portable and replaceable.  It might be a fun little summer project for your kids, too!


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  1. I found your blog the other day and I think it’s amazing!!! You are so talented! 🙂 Thank you for sharing these techniques with all of us!

    I can’t wait to do some of these!!!


      1. I can’t wait to try and recreate s o me of your diarama’s!!! (I will send you a pic of any that I do – I don’t mean posting on your blog, just for you to see how they turned out) if you’d like… although I’m not very artistic, so they won’t be anywhere near as good as yours!!! 🙂

        One question though… is there a certain internet site (and specific product name) that you prefer when buying artificial water resin? I am struggling to find transparent resin that doesn’t cost a fortune! 🙁

        Also… can you explain why you always use acrylic paint? I presume that poster paint wouldn’t work as well would it? (I’m just trying to minimise my expenditure where I can and we have loads of poster paints in the children’s craft box!!! Lol

        Thank you in advance for your help and advice. 🙂


        1. Sure, I’d love to see your photos!! You can send them to 😉 Actually, I’ve never considered myself artistic, to be honest. I just have ideas so I strive to make it come to shape, but I really don’t know how real artists out there do what they do….lol

          Water resin…I usually use Amazing clear cast resin for water. But this one might turn yellow over time (I’m talking like, a year or two.) This brand is the only one available usually at the craft stores near me, and I don’t think that the price is that bad for what it is. For the type of water that needs to forever stay crystal clear, I recommend ArtResin, but it is pricey. I just use ArtResin for something like fountain water, and for rivers, Amazing clear cast resin, because I don’t really see the yellowing anyway if it’s a river.

          I use acrylic paint, specifically “multi-surface” acrylic paint for my crafts, because they don’t chip like poster paint. It also sticks better on slick surfaces like plastic and metal.
          So mainly there are 2 reasons for using multi-surface acrylic paint…

          1. You don’t want chipped paint to get on your precious critters and miniatures.
          2. You don’t want fine details on your miniatures and diorama to get buried in thick layers of paint.

          The best kind of paint to use that gives super thin layer and yet very good coverage is probably one of those paints in small jars for models…for example, Tamiya Paint. But, this is a pricey paint, and it also has the strong thinner smell and requires good ventilation, also it will not go so well with Styrofoam type material (It melts a bit), not to mention it is extremely hard to get this paint off when you make a mistake.

          So, I just stick to having acrylic paint and use it for pretty much everything. It’s pricier for me to have variations of paints, so I think at least…lol

  2. Yes, I agree, you have the best ideas! How cute is that mermaid’s tail. And your son make a pretty awesome turtle and sand castle!

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