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Hello, everyone! It’s almost September! Can you believe it?!

My son started kindergarten last week, and every morning we have a ‘fun time’ dealing with his “I don’t want to go to school!!”  I wonder if this will ever stop….lol

Anyway, today’s post is on making simple window boxes.

Sylvanian Families Town Series buildings have windows that are all the same size (so far, at least.)  If you make some of these window boxes, they’ll be usable on every building!

For the giveaway, I made some simple planter boxes with some wood.

To make the window boxes easy to switch around, I glued on wires like in the photo below.  To make sure that the end of the wire doesn’t scratch the building, it’s best to fold the wire in half and hide the ends inside the planter.

Then I added air dry clay inside.

Next, I painted the surface of the clay brown.

And, spread clear drying glue on top.

I then sprinkled some tea leaves for the dirt over still wet glue.  All you need to do after this point is to stick in some flowers!

The wires keep the boxes hanging pretty well. Very easily adjustable, too.  Of course, I recommend adjusting the length of the wire as you please so they won’t stand out so much inside the buildings.

Many buildings’ windows are a bit bare in my opinion, so window boxes are great way to add some color in your town scenery.


2 Replies to “window boxes”

  1. Great idea. I like the way you made the wire to support the window boxes. Then the window boxes can be changed or removed easily.
    Currently I am working on three trees from your tutorial. They look great so far! Once I figure out how to add a second account to my instagram, I will post pictures of my Sylvanian/Calico collection and projects.
    Thanks for keeping us inspired!

    1. Ooh, awesome! Looking forward to your posts then. Will you tag me or something just so I get notified? I am following way too many Sylvanians that I can never catch up with everyone’s feeds. 🙁

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