And the winners are…

Hey, everyone!

The oracle has spoken…just kidding…

The winner of the 2017 giveaway have been chosen!  They are….

“リサ” and “ひーな”!

If I remember correctly, they both entered the giveaway on the Japanese site.

I had 219 entries this year, and as you can imagine, about 2/3 of the entries were from Japan.

I was eyeballing about a hundred entries, so I felt very under prepared when the numbers were going up.  I promise I will have more winners next time!! It breaks my heart to think I let so many people down…. 🙁

If anyone is interested, I have videotaped the drawing process, so you can see I really tried to be as fair as I could to everyone. (Yup I set up a Youtube channel just for this video! Hahaha)


22 Replies to “And the winners are…”

    1. Haha, it was really not made very well at all, but I figured that would definitely look authentic, right? lol My nose was super stuffy from a cold, so I probably sound nicer than I really do usually. All I know is I won’t make a very good YouTuber! >.<

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