Happy Halloween!



Hi, there! Halloween is finally here! Do you have any fun plans for today?

My son has been really sick these last few days, and I’m not sure what we end up doing for this year’s Halloween.  Yeah, I definitely feel bad for him, but the truth its, I don’t mind the relaxing night at home, either.  I like the decorations for Halloween, but I’m not a big fan of supervising trick-or-treaters out in the cold for hours.  lol

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been surrounded by Halloween decorations in the last couple of months, and I’m definitely ready for the change of scenery. 🙂  I’ve come up with a pretty neat way to make fall leaf colors on diorama trees, so I hope you look forward to it!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any fun crafts to share today, due to lack of free time this month.  It’s really been a hectic couple of months! Hopefully I will have something new to share in the next post!

Have a great Halloween!


Downtown Event Square




Hello, friends! Today, I’m just going to go talk about how I made my downtown’s event square, which is located right in front of my ballet theater.

Since it was adjacent to a highly decorated theater,  I designed the ground tiles to be pretty decorative as well.

Fist, I drew my design on card stock.

Then I cut the pieces off, so I could use them as patterns.

I placed my pattern on a foam board, and drew the lines along it.

Then I cut the foam board along the lines.

For decorations, I pressed down stamps to make indentations.

I got some cheap lawn paper off eBay a while back, so I used that as my lawn here.  I simply glued on the lawn paper and foam board together…

And taped the pieces back on the ground tiles like puzzles.

It’s better to tuck in the sharp ends of the lawn paper.  It will look much better than left untreated.

In the center, I can place a fountain, flowerbed, or even a big Christmas tree! This square area isn’t glued down on the diorama base, so I can swap it out with another design depending on the season as well.  If I have the time, I want to make an ice skating link here in the winter. 🙂


Ballet Statues




Hi, there! It’s been a while since I made these statues, but I have finally put together the tutorial for them.

Upon deciding that I wanted to have two statues of ballet figures in front of my ballet theater, I thought of a couple of ways to make them.

The initial thought was to modify pre-existing Sylvanians.  But that thought was too heart breaking, so it quickly disappeared.

Then I thought of taking molds of my Sylvanians.  Well, I wasn’t too sure how well flocked fur would hold during the process, so that idea was turned down, too.

So I gave up trying to cheat, and set my mind on making my own statues with clay.

Once I was determined, I thought, “I might as well make statues that are impossible unless it’s made with clay!”

I’ll explain what I mean as we go…


As you probably know, Sylvanian Families have ballerina dolls with special body parts.  These ballerinas are girl sized, so I combined that design and the figure of a big sister doll.  Big sister Sylvanian is taller and has slender figure, and I thought it would be a great model for my statue.

I made body parts in rough shape first.

Once the clay was hard, I shaved off some extra clay to adjust the connecting joints.

Then I connected the parts.

Once the body was intact and hardened, I added some clay to create more seamless joints, and let the clay harden once more.

After the clay hardened, I sanded the surface to smooth out a bit.

Then I made clothes for my ballerina.

As for the “Big brother” statue, I totally made up the body shape.  I used silk cat big sister’s face as a model for  this one.   By the way, I did consult numbers of real ballet photos to decide this posing, and I also think that my own experience learning ballet in my childhood helped a lot to make sure I got the details correctly.  And this posing is not possible with actual Sylvanian dolls.  Using clay made it possible!

Once the statues were done, I painted them light gray at first.  But I didn’t really like how they blended in with the stairs in the background.

So I painted them once again, with bronze.

It was pretty hard to make sure that the statues looked good from every angle, but I really like how they turned out.