Snowflake Floor

Hi, there! For this year’s Christmas decoration, I’m making a small scene using my Sylvanians and miniatures.  This candle lantern is a pretty standard size, and I thought it would be a good size to do a smaller project inside.

First of all, I decided to make a snowflake pattern on the floor.  With a pencil, I drew bunch of lines like this on a piece of card stock paper.  I can’t really explain how I came up with these lines, because I just did it randomly, hahaha.

And I drew red lines over with a pen to make the shape kind of like a snowflake.  Then, to avoid getting confused later, I erased the pencil lines.

I colored the pattern to decide on which color distribution would work.  And then cut the each piece out.

On a piece of wooden crafting sheet, I drew the lines using the cut outs.  I realize it would probably be hard to find wooden craft sheets like mine (I saw them once at Target and haven’t seen them since) but you can definitely use paper with wood prints on, or thin balsa wood with stain of your choice.

I cut the wooded pieces out, and carefully placed them in order.

On a base board (in my case, a foam board), I glued on the wood pieces one by one.

I had to place heavy books on top as it dried to make sure that the wooden pieces stayed flat, but I think it turned out pretty cool.


Last Year’s Christmas Display

Hi, there! I apologize for getting this update out so late.  It’s been a crazy busy week with so many things to do!

Today, I’d like to talk about what I made last Christmas for my friend.  Inside of a serving plate and a glass dome decoration, I made a small Christmas morning with Sylvanians scene.

I like making small scenes inside of Candle lanterns, etc. because they look really cute, and also keeps it from getting dusty.  If you have little kids or pets, displaying Sylvanians this way is also a good option.  I think Christmas just goes especially well with Sylvanian displays!

I made all the props in this scene myself, and it was a lot of fun!

This year, I’m making a smaller scene in a candle lantern. I’ll show it to you next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!



It is Thanksgiving week here in the US.  This isn’t so much to do with Thanksgiving, but here is my newest finished diorama. It is a autumn harvesting scene with some red and yellow leaves on the trees.  I don’t have any tutorials with this post, because everything in this scene is previously explained in the past tutorials. 😉


This diorama is made to fit inside of my wardrobe.  I thought it was a pretty good size to work on in a week or so.  (Of course I’d have to have a healthy family and no events to pull it off in a week.  And you’d probably agree that that kind of great week is very hard to come by. lol)

Here is the farm with all my fall veggies.

This scene is supposed to be in a rural area. I made the large stone pavement the same way as before.

Although I wanted to fit more fall trees in the scene, two trees seemed to be the best for this layout.

Oh yeah, I did add some colors to the cozy cottage to enhance the original design.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!