Fall Trees



Hi there! As promised, I have a tutorial ready for fall trees!

No, you don’t have to look all over for yellow and red leaves.  That’s really hard to find.  At least I’ve yet to see anything like it.

As always, if you can’t buy it, you make it! This turned out to be a pretty fun craft for me.

Basically, I thought I could spray paint the green leaves into fall colors.  The problem was where to find the right colors of spray.  I don’t know about where you live, but I didn’t see any good colors I wanted to use at the store in the spray paint isle.  So that option went away rather fast.

Another option? Airbrushing! Air brushing with proper tools would be the best, that’s for sure. But decent air brushing kit would cost hundreds of dollars! What do I do??

Well, here is what I came up with.  Let’s take a look how I made the trees.


For painting plastic leaves, it’s best to use the kind of paint used for models.  They don’t come off and they also dry very quick.  I decided to use Tamiya acrylic paint.  This applies very thin and stick on slick surface really well.

To go with Tamiya paint, I grabbed a thinner.  This is totally replaceable with high percentage rubbing alcohol though.

I went to a dollar store, and bought some mini spray bottles that are for traveling.  I poured in some thinner in the bottle first.

Then I mixed Tamiya paints in the same bottle.  The ratio is 2 part thinner, 1 part paint.

I attached the spray head on the bottle, and sprayed my leaves.  If you attempt this at home, make sure you do it in a very ventilated room with a disposable lining on the floor.

I used light green color for the 1st coat, yellow for 2nd coat.  For the red leaf tree, I used orange on top of the second coat and red to finish.

It’s also important to note that I waited for each coat to dry completely before doing the next.


I assembled these trees kind of like the durable trees I made before.

I used a modeling compound for the surface of the trees this time.

This “spray bottle airbrushing” method definitely isn’t as efficient as real airbrushing, but it gave me the result I wanted.  Not to mention, it was a dollar! Hooray!




6 Replies to “Fall Trees”

  1. Amazing tutorial, dear Mimi! I will try it, because a fall decoration always has soooo beautiful colors! <3

    1. Yay! I had a very happy time seeing pretty fall colors in my town this year. I only wish it had lasted longer. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. I have been looking in the stores for some kind of fall plant that would make a good tree but didn’t find any. I like your solution. I have never used the Tamiya paints before. I just found them on amazon. Is that where you bought yours?
    I do have an old airbrush I could use but your method with the spray bottles seems much easier. Thanks for the great posts.

    1. I bought my Tamiya paints at a locally owned hobby shop, but I also do have a hard time finding them anywhere else. I would definitely recommend Amazon. This method is easy, yes, because you don’t have to clean up. But I do think with a real airbrush, you won’t waste much paint while painting. I’m so jealous that you have an airbrush!!

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