Fall Bounty – Potatoes



Howdy! Before I start Christmas crafts, I thought I’d make some miniature fall veggies for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully I made enough to use in my Christmas dishes, for later, as well.

Miniature food crafting is so popular, and even has it’s own community.  I usually avoid it because it looks like too much fun, and I’m afraid that I won’t do anything else if I start getting into it lol.  And yes, it was a lot of fun making mini veggies over the weekend.  I made potatoes, yams, carrots, pumpkins, and turnips.

Today, I’ll show you how I made my potatoes.  It’s super easy and I think looks pretty descent.  And what banquet is complete without potatoes?!

I made three different kinds for different dishes, but here I will explain how my made russet potatoes.  Whatever the kind of potatoes you decide to make, the principle is the same.

I used polymer clay to make the shape.  I like making things in nature because they don’t have to be “perfect” shapes. I made the color of clay about the same as inside of potatoes, so when these are done, I can cut them and use them for other miniature dishes, too. 🙂

I used the back of a toothpick to make dents on the potatoes. At this point I baked the polyclay potatoes to cure in the oven.

Coloring russet potatoes is super easy.  Just put some dark brown acrylic paint on a surface of a sponge, and gently roll the potato on it.  And that’s really it!

For yukon gold and other types of potatoes, where you’d want some dark brown in the dents, you just need to color them very lightly with watered down dark brown inside of each dents at the very end.



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