Fall Bounty – Carrots



Hola! Do you like raw carrots or cooked carrots better? I like cooked better, just because I didn’t grow up eating raw carrots in Japan. After coming to the US, I was surprised to see lots of carrots eaten raw, and many people even preferred them over cooked ones!

Anyway, I made some miniature carrots! These are pretty easy too. 🙂

First I mixed some orange, yellow, and white polymer clay together.

Then I made carrot shapes.

I added some dents on the carrots.

And rolled the carrots on toothpicks.  I just taped the back of the toothpicks together to make this “carrot making machine.”

At this point, I baked the clay to harden.

Once the carrots were hard, I sanded them on the surface along the dents to create finer lines.

I referred to some real carrot photos to paint them with some watered down acrylic paint.

Additionally, I attached leaves onto some of my carrots at the end.  I just painted on store bought plastic leaves for the carrot leaves, I wasn’t going to bother with making it more realistic here. :p

Farm fresh carrots! Yum, yum, yum!


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