Fall Bounty – Turnips



Hello, hello! Do you like turnips? I read once that they used to make Jack-o-lanterns out of turnips instead of pumpkins. I wonder how big those turnips were!?

Miniature turnips are very simple to make, I’m sure your Sylvanians will love them, too!

To start, make a small ball with white clay.

Second, pinch a small area and let the ball of clay dangle from your pinched fingers.  Move your pinching fingers back and forth so that the ball will spin and the pinched part of clay will look like the photo below.  Let the clay harden.

Once the clay is hard, sand the surface lightly to make fine lines that turnips have.  Sand as you draw circles around making the pointy root as the center.

Paint the turnips with acrylic paint.

If you need stems and leaves on your turnips, you can make them with clay, or just attach plastic green leaves, like I did.  I drilled small holes on top of the turnips, poured in some super glue, and stuck in some fake leaves.

I cut the leaves to adjust the shapes, and painted them slightly to go with the turnips.

“I think turnips are the best in soups!”



2 Replies to “Fall Bounty – Turnips”

  1. I love these fall bounty posts you are having. In the past I have worked extensively with polymer clay. I still learned some tips from your tutorials! Your vegetables are looking great! Can’t wait to see what is next.

    1. Oh, so glad to hear that my miniature veggie posts were useful at all. 😀 I don’t look at other people’s tutorials or anything when I make stuff, so it might be very different time to time compared to typical tutorials. I often wonder if there are much better ways to make things, but coming up with my own way is part of the fun, I think….I guess I’m stubborn!? lol

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