teeny-tiny snow dome


Hooray! It’s officially December! Did you start an advent calendar?  Back when I was in college, I used to open all the doors and eat all the chocolate on the first day!

I made a snow dome for the Sylvanian scene inside of my candle lantern.

I found these glass dome thingies in the accessory parts isle at Michael’s.  They are 2cm in diameter.

I didn’t feel like using the metal base as is, so I made a hoax wood base with polymer clay.

First I made some marble clay using different shades of brown.

Then I rolled the clay out.  I put a toothpick on each side so that the clay would roll out at an even thickness.

Before cutting out the clay, I brushed some corn starch onto the surface to avoid clay sticking on.

I pressed in the glass dome to make indentations.

Then with a one size larger cookie cutter, I cut the circles out.

At this point, I baked my clay.

Once the clay was hard, I sanded the base to smooth out the shape.

I like oven bake polymer clay, because it doesn’t really shrink while hardening.  The glass dome fits perfectly!

It’s a bit too much to go into details with super mini decorations inside, but I’ll show how I made the trees.  I made different shades of green balls with clay.

Then I shaped them into cones and baked them in the oven.

On the bottom of the hard cones, I stuck in sewing needles.

While holding  the needles, I turned the cone while carving the trees.  It’s just like sharpening pencils with a knife!

These trees are pretty cute – even without the snow on top!

Here’s my teeny-tiny snowman.

And a log house.  I painted it afterwords.

I super glued all the pieces onto the base at the end.

It was fun making this snow dome, but the parts were too tiny for my tired eyes, and I ended up with only finishing just one dome.




    1. This is so cute! Also, is it alright that I linked your website under “my favourite SF” sites on my website? Thanks!

      1. Thanks for linking my page! Your photos are very beautiful!! They really inspired me to learn about photography, which is nagging me for so long but I just haven’t gotten around…lol

      1. Thanks! It was a bit too small for my aging eyes….lol

    1. You just make the most adorable things! How do you do it? 😛 And you always make it look so easy. I absolutely love your creations, especially around Christmas time! Can’t wait to see any more you might make!

      1. Teehee! Thank you so much! I do try to make things as simple and efficient as I can think of, so that if any of you decide to try it out, you won’t have to go through a lot of trial and error like I did. My posts are only showing the final, and refined results of all the messiness that go behind the scenes. 🙂

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