Christmas Sugar Cookies

Hey everyone!  Do you like frosting on cookies and cakes?  I love looking at it but I just can’t eat it enjoyably.  I like my cookies and cakes not too sugary, I guess.  :p

I was asked how I made my miniature cookies that were in the last year’s Christmas display.  I took some photos while I was making this year’s Christmas display, so hopefully this tutorial will explain it how it is done.

I used polymer clay for the cookie part.  I rolled the clay out on a piece of oven safe parchment paper, so I wouldn’t have to move the soft cookie around before baking.

Then I cut off the excess clay little by little to make a rough shape of my cookie.  Here I am making a stocking shape.

If you use my method, you can make complicated shape, like the tree below, fairly easily.

Once the rough shape is made, I smoothed and adjusted the shape of my cookie with a toothpick.

To create a bumpy surface of baked cookies, I highly recommend using a mascara brush.  I just saved my old brush and cleaned it well before using it.  This brush works so much better on miniatures than normal brushes that come with clay carving kit.

My miniature cookies are ready for baking!

Since I needed to make lots of cookies this year, I decided to make a silicone mold of these originals.  I made a mold with some Legos.

Then I taped my hardened cookies on to a piece of plastic sheet with some strong double sided tape.

Okay, I’m ready to pour in my silicone!

Ooops, somehow I forgot to take a picture of my silicone mold I just made.  Well, hopefully you get the idea….lol

Here are the cookies I made with my mold.

Now it’s time to spread some frosting on my mini cookies.  I made the frosting with 0.5 part acrylic paint and 9.5 part matte drying glue.  It’s easier to use double sided tape to keep the cookies in place while you’re frosting.

At this point, it’s really like decorating with regular sugar cookie frosting.  It’s easier to make sure first color is dry before moving onto the next color to go on top of it.

My cookies are done!

This year, I wanted to make a Christmas tree with Christmas treats as the decorations.  So these cookies went straight up onto the tree! I’ll do tutorials on other treats in later posts. 🙂


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  1. Hello! I love your blog and am enjoying the tutorial here. Last year I made a Christmas tree using clippings of a cheap faux garland (from Michaels) and had a family member turn a little wooden tree topper and a tree stand. I made presents with thick glossy cardstock glued to small wood pieces in different box shapes, and glued ribbons around them. It was so much fun to make and I believe my little niece will enjoy them as she gets older and more creative with her critters.

    Question: I am making fake gingerbread cookie ornaments for a real Christmas tree. I am going to make the doug with applesauce and flour. I want to have three dimensional white “icing” piping (thin trim) around the edges. So they look like the traditional gingerbread men with the white icing trim. Can you recommend a product that wouldn’t involve baking. The dough would have to be baked before I decorated them the fake white icing trim, so I wouldn’t want to use clay for the white trim. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, Katie! Well, I think you have a few options here. You can use air drying clay, modeling paste, or glue. Obviously modeling paste will be the most expensive option for you, but it will probably give you the best results. Air drying clay would be okay, except it will probably start to crack over time, so I won’t recommend it for something you want to keep for the long term usage. Glue is probably the easiest option, there are lots of brands out there, from really thick type to runny, and glossy to matte. You’d have to play around a bit to figure out your best ratio, but you can really make any color you like, too. Just make sure to put some white paint mixed in if you don’t want your icing to turn translucent. (And avoid cheap school glue, as they will turn yellow overtime.)
      Oh yeah, there are also these fake cake decoration kits with cream in it. I really like Epoch’s “Whipple“.

      Good luck!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of cookies, and beautifully made! I had never heard of the paint and glue mixture for icing, but it gives a perfect effect. Thank you for sharing and happy upcoming holidays!

    1. Hehehe, I love cookies!
      Oh yeah? It’s pretty common among Japanese crafters, actually. It’s easier for kids to try out, too. 🙂
      Happy Holidays!

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