Miniature Quilt by Elizabeth Bradshaw

This is a special post I wanted to write about for a while.  A couple of months ago, I have received this beautiful miniature quilt made by a miniature/dollhouse artist, Elizabeth Bradshaw.

I had helped her with some translations from English into Japanese for her Bunny Cafe Dollhouse Project, and in return, she has sent me the cutest gifts!

Aww, cute, cute, cute!

Look how detailed and precise her needle work is! It is AMAZING!!  Liz has a tutorial on how she made this quilt on her blog.  I highly recommend checking it out, her photos are gorgeous and her crafts are very inspiring, too!

The quilt was made specially for my Sylvanians.  I’m thrilled to decorate a house for them around the design of this quilt.  I’m thinking it would be perfect for spring time!

Thank you so much Liz!! My Sylvanians and I LOVE this quilt! You have actually inspired me to make something interesting, too! I can’t wait to finish my Christmas crafts and move onto trying it out. 😀


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