A Gigantic Gift Box

Wow, this week feels like Christmas came a bit early for me!

Guess what I have received from my friend Soramama in Japan?

A GIGANTIC SYLVANIAN BOX!  Now my son thinks I’m having the best Christmas in our family this year. 😀

This totally caught me off guard, I was completely speechless for quite some time!

I don’t like boasting much, but since this is my blog, and you might just be interested…….okay, okay, I want to brag about it!! You stay here and read on! Mwahahaha!  Soramama has included bunch of other things for me and my family, but I will just show you the SF related things here.  Besides, I think it’s almost a sin to not share with you guys all the Japanese SF awesomeness!

2018 SF calendar!! Yesss! I bought 2017 one in Tokyo this year, and I’ve been loving it a lot, this alone would have been a great gift for me!

What you see in pink is a new SF sticker book that just came out in Japan.  I actually use cute SF stickers on packages and letters to friends quite often, so this is great, too!

What is this tin SF box, you ask?

There is a famous pastry shop in Tokyo called “colonbin,” and I guess they were doing a collaboration with SF this fall. I think Japanese cookies are the best in the world!! Well, in my opinion, anyway. :p  They tend to be very flaky and have a subtle sweetness which really brings out the flavors of ingredients.  I love Japanese treats so much, I dream about them often!

OMG, I was not planning on obtaining these new 2017 furniture boxes until they came out in the US! Oh my oh my oh my…..!!!

And there was this big box inside, and I opened it…and wow, I found the Japan SF fan club online store only color restaurant inside!  And do you see the windows? They are also exclusives to the fan club site.  Thing about this fan club site is, you can join the club living overseas, but the online shop won’t deliver items outside of Japan.  Since I don’t like supporting online resellers much, I had given up on these items long ago.

Last but not least…this box!

It reads, “limited edition special party set.”  This is obtainable by sending in “Ivy marks” on the Japanese edition 2017 cozy cottage and 2017 town home (the offer ends by the end of this year).  Again, they were not going to deliver overseas, so I had given up on getting it.  But Soramama told me to send her the Ivy Marks so she can get the box for me.  How absolutely thoughtful of her!!!

This is what’s inside the box.  Yippie!!  I think the pink seaside version is cute, too though.  Oh how I wish they sell it out here in the US….lol


4 Replies to “A Gigantic Gift Box”

  1. How lucky you are! Thank you for sharing photos of your gifts. It is nice to see some of the Japan exclusive and club items.

    1. I know! Yeah, I thought I’d share the exclusive products’ photos here. Oh, how I wish they delivered things overseas…lol

    1. Mmmhmm! It’s been a very good few years ever since I started to collect SF and craft for them. What an awesome hobby! LOL

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