Hiya! Remember this tree? If you look closely, I’ve attached gumdrops to it, making them look kind of like the Christmas lights.

I thought of an pretty easy way to make these gumdrops, hope you like it!

First, I mixed translucent clay with whatever color you want to use, at 9:1 ratio.  Then I made the clay into the log shape, and cut them in the length of 2 gumdrops.

With my fingers, I turned each piece into a shape like this. Imagine 2 gumdrops stuck together on the bottom.

I cut them in half, separating the gumdrops.

If necessary, adjust the shapes with your fingers before hardening the clay.  Because miniature gumdrops are so tiny, I thought making them this way was much easier than shaping them one by one.

Yay! They already look yummy! I decided to frost them with sugar to add a Christmas-y feel.

I have compared several options for the sugar, and thought that the white sand from Hobby Lobby did the best job.  This sand is very fine, and shines shimmery!

To avoid changing the textures of the gumdrops and sugar, I decided to coat the gumdrops with spray glue and then sprinkle white sand on them.  This spray glue is really strong, and won’t ever come off, so I recommend using it outdoors.

After dusting off excess sugar, my miniature gumdrops are finished!

I put some extras in a box I made.  Cute, eh?



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