Candy Canes and Candy Ribbons

Ahoy, there! I made miniature candy canes and ribbons.

Here is how I made them.

I used 5:5 ratio of translucent clay and white/red and made these logs.

Then I cut one of the red logs into four.

Fixed the shapes of them.

And attached all the logs together like this.

And slowly made the log longer and skinnier.

Once it’s almost the size of the miniature cane, twist the clay.

And cut them into about 1.3cm long, then bend the tops like canes.

At this point, I hardened the clay.

To finish off, I coated them with clear glue for very thin and shiny finish.


I also made candy ribbons using the clay in the similar way.

I prepped my clay like this, for my ribbon’s pattern.

And really gently stretched my clay into a very thin ribbon (about 0.5mm thick).

I decorated my other tree with more red, using the candy canes and ribbons.  This display is for my friend in Japan.  🙂

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