Santa Mug 2017

Hello! Christmas so so close now –  and so is the Christmas break! Luckily by then, we will have tons of new toys and gadgets to kill our time with. 😉

Anyway, if you remember from 2015 Christmas, I made some Santa mugs.  I still had the mold from that time, but realized that the mug would be too big for the size I’m going for this year.  So here I am, making a new set!  Hopefully I have made some improvements since then….

With this year’s version, I decided to make a cup part in one piece, rather than making it flat like last time.  To make it easier to shape the face of Santa with clay, I didn’t hollow out the inside of the mug.  Also, at this point, I didn’t make a handle.  The construction of the face is pretty much the same as the 2015 version, however.  If you can tell, this mug is a little over 1 cm in diameter.

Using the original piece, I created a silicone mold.  This year, I made 4 copies.  My mold is still holding well, so I’m hoping I can use it again next year.

I carved out the inside of the mugs, and then sanded the top.

At this point, I added the handles.  It’s the pointy  top of Santa’s hat! 🙂 I baked my clay once again.

This is what they looked like after painting them with acrylic paint. I tried to give the mug more red this time, if you can tell.

To finish off, I coated the surface of the mugs with very thin resin.  Last time, I used way too much resin on my mugs, and all the details were buried under.  To avoid the same problem, I used a disposable brush (just a super cheap brush) and used very little resin.

“Here is your new mug, grandma!”  “Oh, thank you! This is just the right size for me.”

If you’re curious, you can compare results with the post from 2015.

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